Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires First Gameplay Trailer Released

Game company Koei Tecmo has officially released the first gameplay trailer of upcoming video game Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires.

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waverider82d ago

Lu Bu! Mindless beat them all. A played a lot on the PS3, less on the PS4. But it was fun.

Viryu82d ago

That's video from DW8 Empires

Majin-vegeta82d ago

Its DW 8 empires in Japan xuz they dont count the first game.In Americs its number 9 cuz OG DW is counted here

RPGer82d ago

Literally saying empires 8 at the end :)

AlucardChristian82d ago

Japan counts that as DW 8. Western version is DW 9.

Duke1982d ago

Looks completely identical to the past 10 years worth of games. Just update the engine already

CantThinkOfAUsername82d ago

Why update something that just works - Todd Howard.