What’s next for Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS5?

The launch of the PS5 came in tow with a big surprise: a sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man centered around new protagonist Miles Morales, revealed to have spider powers in a post-credit sequence for Insomniac’s first game in the series.

But what happens after Miles Morales? Insomniac hasn’t announced a third Spider-Man game yet, though in an article over on the PlayStation Blog they said “don’t worry, we still have much of Peter’s story left to tell.”

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medman152d ago

I just want a nice, quiet game where I play as Uncle Ben. Is that too much to ask?

Deathdeliverer152d ago

@ Medman

Well we know there won’t be a sequel to that one.

TallDarknWavy152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Playing as Venom and killing Miles Morales would be the biggest story in Marvel right now, by far, but we all know woke losers are the reason that will never happen.

OG_TK_Cole152d ago (Edited 152d ago )


You guys are so mad at Inclusion and so-called Woke people these days, that your ideology has you saying the dumbest things. Why would you kill Miles Morales off when he continues to sell in the top 5 in the U.S. each month. And the video games sales performance is so impressive that it has had an effect on Sony’s PlayStation 5 software strategy.

You guys have to use your Intelligence sometimes, and stay away from your emotions.Things arent always about Politics, a lot of times its strictly about Business.

Silly gameAr152d ago

Yeah, it's because of woke losers. Not because there are people that like Miles from the comics, and having Venom randomly killing Miles, would make fans rage, like you guys did about Joel.

TallDarknWavy152d ago

No dummies, the reason Miles Morales is selling well is because of scalpers and the reaction to scalpers by forcing people to buy games in with a console as a bundle. The used market is inundated with Miles Morales games. I played it and it's mediocre crap with a horribly written story with enormous plot holes and BLM pandering.
Kratos was killed off at the end of GoW3, many main superheroes were killed off at the end of Endgame including by far the biggest money maker and best actor, Iron Man.

andy85152d ago

What a load of nonsense. Miles Morales is a fantastic game and you're offended because there's one black lives matter mural in the game 😂😂 says a lot about you to be honest. MM is selling well because it's a great game. If the market was inundated it wouldn't still be selling for more than 50% of the original price used.

Teflon02152d ago

People who are so pressed by BLM and call everything related to it political issues are the people with issues because racism isn't a political issue. It's you cry babies who make it a political issue because being harassed your whole life just because your skin colour isn't fun and being against that isn't bad. Miles having that was good for what the game is, spiderman is suppose to be like a modern day NY so why not?

Next everyone raged over Joel being killed in a very reasonable way. Was it fun to see a character you love killed? No. But the reason behind it definitely made sense. Yet everyone raged like hell. Why'd you kill off Miles when he's suppose to continue Peters Legacy? Lol. Nothing about this conversation has woke in it. All you want to do it sounds like is kill off Miles because he represents something more than just Spiderman. There's a reason Insomniac is making the masterpieces and not you.

Sunny_D152d ago

Bruh what? You’re so against the woke culture but won’t even recognize your own hypocrisy…. How about Venom kills Peter Parker instead since you want to kill off characters so much? Did you cry about Joel being killed as well?

BlaqMagiq1152d ago

You big mad that a black/Puerto Rican Spider-Man is getting the shine he deserves? Good. Stay that way. 😁

Continue with your dumbass assumptions while we enjoy Miles Morales even more. 😂

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jBlakeeper153d ago

I’d guess a sequel is in the works with a 2023 release most likely. Possibly 2024.

SinisterKieran152d ago

Probably another crossgen game

152d ago
Tacoboto152d ago

SM-MM had instant transitions in and out of buildings and Performance RT at a dynamic 1440p.

From their first attempts at a PS5 release. Cross-gen compromises say what? And with Ratchet, they've effectively quadrupled the resolution of RT reflections in their engine, still within the first year of the generation.

waverider152d ago

Where do play games that arent crossgen beside the PS5?

Rhezin152d ago

hopefully taking a break. I want a new Resistance game.

StoneyYoshi152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

They have like 3 teams at Insomniac working on different projects. Ones working on SM2, one just finished R&C, and the 3rd is working on a MP game.... Which hopefully is resistance.

DaniMacYo152d ago

I would love if we got a game that has story elements that involve both Miles and Parker and you have to play as either of them at different stages of the story. Or a buddy system like Batman AK. Just being able to play as both either of them would be nice.

StoneyYoshi152d ago

Honestly I would not be surprised if they went this route. They made you play as MJ and Miles in the first one so why not have Miles playable alongside him? It would make more sense than conveniently have him taking a vacation like what happened with Parker in SM:MM.

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