Ori and the Blind Forest/Will of the Wisps - Nindie Spotlight

Ori and the Blind Forest and Ori and the Will of the Wisps are two brilliant games that somehow exist on the Nintendo Switch. Check out Jason Capp's unique Nindie Spotlight that covers two games at the same time.

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Highrevz588d ago

Beautiful games and ported very well to Switch. My favourite Series on Xbox last gen.

I wish it released on PlayStation just so more people could play it, most Xbox players probably haven’t bothered to try it out.

Looking forward to whatever Moon Studios is working on next, they have a lot of talent for writing and level design.

343_Guilty_Spark588d ago

More people can play it on PC if they want.

JayRyu588d ago

One of my top favorites on the Xbox!
I've been calling both these games Amazing since they came out. They are must owns in my book.

I really hope that MS purchases them IF Moon is up for it.

thesoftware730588d ago

Simply amazing games.

100% both!

Cant wait for more from Moon studio.

got_dam588d ago

These games are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. The music, graphics, the simple story, and... most of the gameplay. Combat in the first one is a little underwhelming, but that is my only complaint.