Madden continues to be the worst video game franchise out there

Latest character-model snafus highlight why EA isn’t for effort.

“E-A Sports… it’s a bad game”

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medman87d ago

Football, both college and the NFL, is my favorite sport, right along with Formula 1. I would love to buy a quality NFL game. I haven't played a Madden since 2008. I haven't seen anything that has made me want to pay EA for the bullspit they keep rolling out year after year. I wish more people felt similarly to force them to either give up the license, or make some real meaningful improvements.

Popsicle87d ago

Honestly outside of the Fight Night series I have thought of EA as a poor sports game developer since the early 2000s. Their sports games were great in the 90s, but they couldn’t keep pace with the competition when more publishers of sports games arrived. Lucky for them they have had exclusive rights to Madden since I think 2005. Otherwise somebody would have knocked them off their football sim pedestal a long time ago.

Krog01187d ago

Used to love EA Big games though

CrimsonWing6987d ago

And yet it sells gangbusters.

The real problem here are the consumers. If it didn’t sell like crazy it would force this company to try something else, but since they can maximize profits with low development cost and micro transactions, then why the hell would they spend more money making a better game?

Kombatologist87d ago

The last Madden I enjoyed was Madden 15.

refocusedman87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

Madden is what happens when there is a lack of competition in the marketplace. They were threatened by the quality and the cost of 2k5 and EA immediately purchased exclusive rights to the nfl because they knew that their product couldn't compete on its own merits.

Popsicle87d ago

Agreed. NBA2K was already beating the quality of the NBA Live product by a significant margin in in the early 2000s and the same could be said with respect to NFL2K vs. Madden. Unfortunately for us gamers EA had the $ and the connections and secured long term licensing. They couldn’t compete from a talent standpoint.

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The story is too old to be commented.