CD Projekt RED Confirms No New Witcher Game Announced During WitcherCon

Unfortunately for this sector of the community, the WitcherCon official website has already announce d that a new The Witcher video game will not be announced during the broadcast.

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RaidenBlack86d ago

Witcher 3 next-gen at least?

AnalogStickGaming85d ago

They confirmed that IS coming, but I don't believe a date was given. Considering Cyberpunk's condition, I would expect all hands on deck are being used to fix it.

SyntheticForm85d ago

Even though I find W3 to be infinitely superior to CP2077, CP2077 must be their number one and only priority at this juncture, as the game is an absolute mess.

Witcher 3 is fully functional and any improvements are just vanity. CP2077 must absolutely take precedence above all else because it was actually released unfinished.

TheGreatGazoo3085d ago

I thought they confirmed Next Gen upgrades to Cyber Punk and Witcher 3 were later this year

_SilverHawk_85d ago

They've already ruined their reputation and I don't expect another sequel to the witcher until about five years from now. They'll need to make sure the game is proper polished so it might even take longer.

They need to focus on polishing cyberpunk now especially the Xbox series x and ps5 versions which will take a while to do.

MocBistro85d ago

Cuperpunk is doomed, just let it die and make a new games, there is no point trying to save it anymore, everything is already spoiled, the hype is gone.

AnnaDea85d ago

Witcher 3 next-gen version is outsourced so CD is not making that.

They are though working on a next-gen ps5 patch that is released sometime this latter half of the year.

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King_Noctis85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

I think they had confirmed that ray tracing is part of the free Nextgen upgrade that was supposed to hit earlier this year. However, due to Cyberpunk this upgrade might have been delayed.

Profchaos85d ago

That's all I want to see from this

Vithar86d ago

WitcherCon without Witcher game....that's something.....

Yui_Suzumiya85d ago

Well duh.. they need to make Cyberpunk fully up to snuff first


Just don't rush it or we will have another Cyberpunk disaster.

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