Abandoned Trailer App Delayed Yet Again, This Time to August

This is getting ridiculous, isn't it? Blue Box Game Studios has now delayed the mysterious Abandoned trailer app all the way back to August, citing last-minute bugs and localisation issues. The PlayStation 5 application was originally slated to hit the PS Store at some point today following the first delay earlier this week. "The app isn't quite there yet", Hasan Kahraman claims.

Eonjay702d ago

The game has clearly already begun.

VenomUK702d ago

This wackiness, whatever it turns out to be, is a fun antidote to all the doom and gloom.

Iberius702d ago

When Hasan posted, a Countdown timer on the youtube channel AbandonedTheGame started. After about 30-45 min it started shooting out Morse Code. It was a conversation between "Blue" and "Red". Now it's a countdown timer:

Blue: Find the Source
Red: Reality bends to my will but my mind is delusional
blue: I can't trust you if you cant trust your mind so find the source
Red: Shall I remind you who I am?
Blue: Shall I remind you what I can do?
Blue: I think they spot me, stop playing me and find the source
Red: I can't get hold of you so I assume you got made. Time to separate
Blue: Bye for now Red

Atticus_finch702d ago

That's pretty well written. It makes me curious about what the story will be about.

Iberius702d ago (Edited 702d ago )

The Morse code starts within the last hour of the video link I posted.

Also I was informed that when the countdown reached zero is when Hasan posted the delay video. I’m still confused on the order of events.

SullysCigar702d ago

Intrigue building... Don't let us down BB Games!

monkey602702d ago

And now a Twitter account called ‘Siren: Snowfall’ (starts with s, ends with l) which was started in March 2021 (before anyone knew about all this) has been posting lines today from the morse code YouTube video and has tagging blue box studios.
When someone tried to do a password reset email on the siren snowfall Twitter account it sent a password reset link to the email domain “”

Allegedly. I dont know how true any of this is.

mastaleep702d ago

They cut the code from the video. I just glanced at the video when it was did they read the code and find out what Blue and Red were saying?

Iberius702d ago (Edited 702d ago )

@mastaleep The Morse code was at the top of the screen and a letter (in Morse Code) would flash every second or two.

I literally just got a pen and paper and started writing down the dots and dashes. Then I used a Morse code translator on Google. But yes, the Morse code has been cut out of the video at this point it appears. When the timer got down to 8 min 30 seconds dialogue started.

What I remember hearing is

"I warned you"
"This sound irritates me"
"I'll kill you"
"Kill you"

PunksOnN4G702d ago

also why u lyign countdown never hit zero lol it was stopped 2hrs before the countdown even hit 0 lol

Iberius702d ago


The code has been cut out of the video now. But if you watch the most recent video there is Morse code at the end that states "Endure/Survive".

May be some crazy person making it all up but they did a damn good job.

mastaleep701d ago

Do you think this channel is related to the studio? Or is it just some crazy troll with too much time on his hands?

Iberius701d ago


I don't know what to think anymore. There have been a lot of really weird "coincidences". As for the videos on this channel they seem well produced, but I think this in particular may just be someone trolling very well.

Still, the countdown ended right when Hasan put up the delay video.

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monkey602702d ago

This whole scenario is so bizarre. Although this does kind of kill the buzz. I genuinely hope this isn't just a small studio after getting in way over their heads.

Obelisk92702d ago

They're trying to kill the hype after they started it themselves.

If this is not just a facade for something much bigger, those guys really are incompetent, sorry to say that.

Eonjay702d ago

I don't know. Feels like we are playing the game already.

AnotherGamer702d ago

August? That's awfully a long delay for an app.

Darkborn702d ago

For an app that was supposed to release 5 days ago. And delayed twice already, how could it be that far behind if they delayed it by 2 days and then by 3 days. Clearly if it needs another couple months it's gonna be an overhaul.

VenomCarnage89702d ago

This is clearly intentional from the onset and is all a part of the bigger picture they are setting up. They be trolling everyone on the block until the minute they actually announce something

sourOG702d ago

Indeed. Top tier manipulation going on here

Vanfernal702d ago

There was an app here... It's gone now.

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