Xbox exclusive Redfall has been in development for five years

It looks like Arkane Studios' co-op shooter Redfall has been in development since Prey: Mooncrash DLC released back in 2017. The full production probably did not kick-off for a couple of more years, though.

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RaidenBlack706d ago

And they showed a CGI trailer?

King_Noctis705d ago

“ The full production probably did not kick-off for a couple of more years, though.”

Anyway, I think we might see something during Gamecom or VGA. There are still many months left until the game is released.

shabz666705d ago

Man considering the release is summer 2022 I also found it odd that it was cgi only. Maybe becoz of covid? 🤷🏽‍♂️

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Notellin705d ago

What do you think game development looks like? The games are only functional and presentable quite close to the end.

Bathyj705d ago

God can we stop blaming covid for every case of ineptitude?

shabz666705d ago (Edited 705d ago )


Lol I like arkane, wouldn’t really call them inept but maybe coming up with a perfectly functional vertical slice would have detracted from the process of game development and schedule.

Even if it wasn’t a live demo they would still have to make sure all the assets and music and vo are in that 5 mins gameplay chunk and running in top top shape, as we know usually that takes a few months for most studios even before covid, probably it wasn’t worth the time to do that.

Either that’s all because of covid already causing delays in large studios adapting from work in studio to suddenly work at home environment or the game will most likely get delayed from summer 2022.

Tedakin705d ago

The game is still 12-15 months away. That's a long time.

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NeoGamer232705d ago

People keep saying this about games MS makes. But, when we look at most games they get CGI Trailers. The only ones I tend to see get true gameplay seems to be mostly action-adventure games. Mostly because they show gameplay well.

But I see a ton of games that don't get much in the way of gameplay trailers. Horizon Forbidden West is about 4-6 months from release and just got its first gameplay trailer. Haven't seen anything from God of War yet. Returnal didn't get a gameplay trailer pretty much until release. I don't know why there is such a microscope on MS showing gameplay trailers. We got Forza Horizon 5 Gameplay, Psychonauts 2 got gameplay, Flight Simulator gameplay, and MS previewed Halo Infinite gameplay last year (yes, graphic fidelity's of characters was not good, but the gameplay itself seemed fun).

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Magog705d ago

Multi-cultural Zoomer loot shooter #424738

sourOG705d ago

I laughed but it’s arkane, you have to give them some benefit of the doubt. I wouldn’t be surprised though.

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MadLad705d ago

People wouldn't be making them if customers weren't buying them.

Jus' saying.

sourOG705d ago (Edited 705d ago )

I used to think that was true. “Why would a business alienate half of its consumer base? That’s dumb.” Yet they do it all of the time lol. It’s like they don’t give a shit about profit anymore. They used to be predictable, f*** corporations lol.

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JEECE705d ago

Sony wouldn't have made PS3 $599 if it wasn't going to sell at that price.

EA wouldn't have released Anthem if its playerbase was going to die.

Nintendo wouldn't have made the Wii U if it wasn't going to sell.

Square Enix wouldn't have made an Avengers game unless it was going to make money.

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Terry_B705d ago

And after 5 years they were not able to show a bit gameplay?..oookay.

Notellin705d ago (Edited 705d ago )

Damn, had they known Terry_B on N4G wanted to see some they might have shown it off. Speak up louder next time.

Darkborn705d ago

I'm sorry, I thought games, games, games and super confidence meant you had something to show. Look at the original world of Warcraft CGI trailer from like 2004 and then the gameplay. The CGI trailer from then looks better than almost every game today but that game looks like crap, and I played it for years to know. The overuse of CGI trailers means they are not confident in their gameplay or visuals.

Notellin705d ago

@Darkborn Your example proves my point. They didn't show gameplay early and you loved it. No reason to show gameplay until closer to release.

Michiel1989705d ago

@darkborn no it doesnt. just look at the skin, hairs and pores etc. it was amazing for its time, and even though it still looks good and i enjoy watching it again, for todays standards its pretty bad.

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alb1899705d ago

Maybe....just maybe, they choose not to.

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