AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution Included in Microsoft Game Dev Kit for Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One

AMD‘s new FidelityFX Super Resolution has been made available to preview for developers on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

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Eonjay84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

This is like 3 weeks old. Its also funny how checkerboarding was hated on now its the standard.

Edit:. Also Xbox has announced that FSR is coming to Xbox One. So people claiming that is not coming to PS5 still need to explain how it works on last gen but not the PS5.

chiefJohn11784d ago

Definitely not the standard

JEECE84d ago

I know you are ripping on fanboys for being hypocritical, but I think the acceptance of "fake 4k" techniques is largely because of DLSS 2.0. People have seen direct comparisons of DLSS to native 4K and can't notice a resolution difference, while they can see a significant framerate boost for DLSS. So I think that has made people more accepting of things like FSR and "checkerboarding" generally.

TheRealTedCruz84d ago

DLSS is awesome for both consoles, as well as less than top end PCs.
There's no real noticeable difference. There's situations where DLSS, itself, legitimately looks better than native 4K.

Fishy Fingers84d ago

Consoles dont have DLSS and never will, its Nvidia proprietary software/tech.

JEECE83d ago

@Fishy Fingers

Obviously not, neither console has an Rtx card. I said that people had seen the comparisons, not that the happened on console.

Fishy Fingers83d ago

My reply was aimed at "DLSS is awesome for both consoles" from Ted

Ju83d ago

It's still hilarious that Sony said upscaling is there because bandwidth isn't enough some like 2 years before DLSS, yet somehow NVidia gets the credit for it. It doesn't matter what quality it has. Various techniques with various results have been used (best is sill Naughty Dogs temporal sampling of all). It's all about who says what and claims what I guess. DLSS is a driver feature and takes the work off the game developer but is limited to RTX (and btw isn't lossless, either). FSR is a good compromise to set a standard across the board and is probably close enough to DLSS to make it a base line (heck it runs on my 2070, 3070 and 6700XT - even without driver update).

JEECE83d ago


It's because Nvidia did a much better job advertising and explaining their tech than anyone else has. They actually provide video comparisons of games with and without DLSS 2.0, whereas for console-specific techniques we usually only see the technique implemented, without a 1:1 comparison of how it would look against native 4k. Indeed, the whole point of my comment was that other people have been using these techniques, but it was Nvidia's marketing for DLSS 2.0 that has made gamers finally understand that "checkerboarding" isn't a bad thing.

Also, sure DLSS might not technically be lossless, but the only way 99% of people would be able to know the difference is by the higher framerate.

Ju83d ago

"They actually provide video comparisons" you mean their marketing department? How is this different then any other company promoting their solutions.

Sure, Nvidia's solution is most effective, I give them that. But it still produces ghosting - which you can't find in any of their presentations. Every solutions produces artifacts - mostly in motion, checkerboard can resolve to 100% native in still frames, and everything at 60fps+ is in fact splitting hairs. FSR has shimmering (and yes, it gets worse in the lower quality settings) and yet it produces a much (!) better frame rate in Ultra quality and is almost invisible. DLSS produces ghosting in fast motion (and yes, even in 2.0). None of those solutions are perfect, they all have their pros and cons. Maybe DLSS hit some threshold (might just be that it now applies to all RTX owner) so that these people instead of p!tching about "faux 4k" now all of a sudden acknowledge "we don't need real 4k" any more.

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--Onilink--84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

The tweet is from yesterday… where are you getting the 3 weeks old?

Eonjay84d ago

AMD via their own website posted an article about the inclusion of FSR in GDK a few weeks ago.

StoneyYoshi83d ago

" Also Xbox has announced that FSR is coming to Xbox One. So people claiming that is not coming to PS5 still need to explain how it works on last gen but not the PS5."

They cant explain anything because they know squat about the situation aside from Xbox announcing it with their Dev kit so they jump to the conclusion that Sony wont be supported just because they don't announce it to the world.

The PS5 will have FSR support, end of story.

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rockwhynot84d ago

This is so awesome! It will get better in time like DLSS turned into DLSS 2.0.

Bender650284d ago

I believe FSR will be showing up on practically every device that's AMD based going back sometime. So of course PS5 and series X|S.

Father__Merrin84d ago

According to hardware unboxed FFX 1.0 is better than DLSS 1.0, so this thing will improve its a given it will end up being as good as Nvidias. I never saw any issue with ypscaling I recall many years ago COD infinite warfare on a 65" in Curry's running on a ps4pro it looked ultra crisp. As long as these new upscale techniques look good who cares. Nobody will be playing ala digital foundry with 800x zoom