Ubisoft Has Removed the Goldeneye 007 Far Cry 5 Fan Maps Per Notice from MGM

MGM has ordered that a fan-made recreation of all of Goldeneye 007's 18 levels in Fary Cry 5 be pulled.

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excaliburps86d ago

Yep. Exactly. I mean, I get it maybe if the person was profiteering from it? But this was just a fan-made thing, and they had to squash it. Yeesh.

Lore86d ago

I agree but technically MGM could argue that Ubi was benefiting from the maps. Legally though I wonder if he changed a few aspects about the map if they could avoid legal scrutiny

Garethvk86d ago

You mean Amazon as they hold the keys now.

lodossrage86d ago


I don't think many people here know Amazon recently bought MGM. This is Amazon's doing.

sourOG86d ago

YouTube ruined it. We need a new fair use standard. These corporations are why I’m no longer a pure free market guy. 20 year old game, f*** you lol. Burn.

LucasRuinedChildhood86d ago

At least the creator was able to backup the files.

fitofficial86d ago

Yeah because that custom map pack a couple thousand people knew about was sure driving game sales. It amazes me how anybody aligns themselves with these trash conglomerates.

Aussiesummer86d ago

Ever bought something from Amazon?

fitofficial86d ago

Yes, because if you limit yourself to only purchasing or consuming from places you agree with 100% you'd be living naked in the woods. Purchasing a product from somewhere doesn't equal allegiance nor does it signal agreement with every stance they take.

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The story is too old to be commented.