Far Cry 5 Has Surpassed 30 Million Players Worldwide

The 2018 first-person shooter has reached this milestone exactly 5 years after its initial release.

Profchaos416d ago

When you're free on every single service it's eventually going to happen.

Profchaos416d ago

Part of PS plus at the moment

ChasterMies416d ago

Far Cry 5 is “free” if you pay for PS+ Extra.

gangsta_red416d ago

Going to have to try and get back into Far Cry. The formula for Far Cry may be fun, but it gets repetitive very fast.

Demetrius416d ago

Been playing this series since far cry 3 I love the adventuring vibe this series gives off even far cry primal is so good, but experiencing far cry 5 in 60 fps crisp graphics on ps5 for the first time is dope it adds life to it, I wana give far cry 6 a second chance couldn’t get into it at first I wonder if it’s worth it


Far Cry 20th Anniversary Celebration

Far Cry debuted on March 23, 2004, meaning that next week, it will have been 20 years since Jack Carver first washed up on the shore of a tropical paradise teeming with hostile mercenaries.

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DefenderOfDoom266d ago

Played and enjoyed Far Cry, Far Cry 3 and 4 campaigns .

-Foxtrot66d ago

4 wasn’t so bad

Pagan Min was pretty entertaining

Skuletor65d ago

Yeah, 4 was good, was hard choosing which Golden Dawn member to side with, when they were both pieces of sh!t.
I've beaten all the main entries except 2 and 6, ended up uninstalling 6 to download something else instead.

Profchaos66d ago

I'd love a far cry pack with the original PC game (not the half assed port on ps360) instincts, predator even a port of far cry 2 to modern consoles back when these games had their own identity and weren't far cry 3 cut and pastel

Demetrius66d ago

Still one of my most favorite franchises along with assassins creed

banger8865d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Same here, I don't know why these games get so much hate. I've thoroughly enjoyed every single one of them, with only a couple of exceptions. I wish they'd hurry up and announce Far Cry 7. The only thing I'm concerned about is the rumoured time limit.

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Far Cry 5 in native 60 FPS - available for PS5 & Xbox Series consoles now

Far Cry 5 Official Twitter: "You've been waiting long enough… Welcome to Hope County! Experience Far Cry 5 in native 60 FPS - available for PS5 & Xbox Series consoles … NOW! Far Cry 5 will also have a FREE WEEKEND from March 23-27 on all consoles & PC. Enjoy!"

banger88430d ago

Damn. I replayed it recently on SX with fps boost, and to achieve that they had to downgrade the resolution. Game played great but looked like ass. Wish I had've waited.

blackblades429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

So you saying fps boost lowers the resolution to achieve 60fps? Cause that culteastwitch was praising in a fanboy cok suking way.

Darkwatchman429d ago

It depends on the game. Some keep Xbox One X resolution. Others drop to base Xbox One resolution and settings.

Knushwood Butt430d ago

Waiting to play this on Extra but have had too much else to play.
So is this a native PS5 version or does the PS4 version run at 60fps on PS5?

Jin_Sakai429d ago

As expected, Far Cry 5 will now run at 60 frames-per-second on PS5,

“as part of a patch that optimises the PS4 game on Sony's new-gen console.”

Knushwood Butt429d ago

Downloading now. I might do a bit of pancake gaming this weekend.