A Study Has Now Shown Which Video Game Characters Would Be in the Financial 1%

A study which has shown which characters would be on the super rich list in reality by assessing each in-game currency and their estimated values.

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zacfoldor36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

If nothing else, that graphic is very neat. I love seeing those characters under one artstyle.

Gonna be honest though, disappointed there is no Ellie/Nathan/Joel, or Master Chief. I'd add another row, haha. Snake/Claire/Solaire/Alucard would be nice too, lol, but I dream.

PrimeVinister36d ago

I came to comment about the art-style also :-D

It looks cool but I did hate myself for reading the article.

jznrpg35d ago

Wel you don’t collect coins in those game or bolts or whatever . You do collect antique treasures in Uncharted so I’d expect Nathan to be rich as hell and they didn’t put him on the list but in TLOU you literally scrounge for scrap .

sourOG36d ago

Mario got that Bezos status

Rimeskeem36d ago

You either get articles fanning the console wars or you get fun interesting perspectives like this that have no actual meaning to anyone. Why question it?

jznrpg35d ago

I like this article , it’s just dumb fun

TylerID36d ago

I's replace Cor Shepard with Solid Snake. Surely he made more

NotoriousWhiz36d ago

The exchange rate is broken. They have one Mario coin valued at $80,000 because at 100 coins, Mario earns an extra life and the insurance industry values a life at $8,000,000.

Sonic also earns an extra life at 100 rings, but they instead chose to place the exchange rate based on the ring to emerald conversion and not the extra life conversion.

Shiken36d ago

Sonic is also an animal, and life insurance for a pet is not the same as a human.

NotoriousWhiz36d ago

Good observation. Hedgehog's life is probably valued pretty poorly compared to a human.

medman36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I have no idea what you just said, but I applaud your work.

Also, poor Donkey Kong never gets any respect.

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The story is too old to be commented.