I don't care what anyone says, Final Fantasy Origin looks cool

From PC Gamer: "Look, I know that Final Fantasy Origin trailer sucked. I know deep down that it falls firmly into the 'bad E3 trailers' category. But when I woke up last week in a post-E3 daze and saw my PC Gamer colleagues had taken the liberty of dunking on it, I was pissed. After not-so-quietly seething about it in our Slack channel for several days, I'm ready to proudly declare: I don't care if people hated that trailer. I thought it was rad, and I'm here to kill the hell outta Chaos."

Fraggle1987713d ago

Obvious clickbait just to go against the grain.

Pedantic91713d ago (Edited 713d ago )

I agree with article, what now ?

If you were not playing and enjoying the game for it's gameplay, are you sure you're even playing ?

Fraggle1987713d ago

Thats just sad. You clearly have very low stadards with video games.

Pedantic91713d ago

I guess, but that also means more games for me to enjoy.

CptDville713d ago

Sry, you may not have an opinion and personal taste in N4G according to a few.

generic-user-name713d ago

Judging by the downvotes, kinda appears you are the one going against the grain.

isarai713d ago

I dunno man, i was not having any fun playing that demo. I was really hoping for a new team ninja hack and slash, but this just wasn't very fun at all to me.

Viryu713d ago

I've played the demo, it was... different. It tries to look like FF XV, but kinda fails. When Koei did a spin off on Persona, it was a fanservice to P5 players, a dumbed down game, but still fun and keeping with the original and I had fun with it. This spin off had bad controls, awkward balancing and felt quitq bare bones when marching through the corridors. Cor-wannabe's personality is not a saving grace either. Boss mechanics are horrible, a mundane approach to boss fights, first phase could be somehow dealt melee, and forces you to change weapons (which I hate) to recover stamina, second phase was an overkill.

VersusDMC713d ago

The game is Nioh with final fantasy lore and enemies. Garland was the boss of the demo. Imagine ultimecia as a boss...or any other final fansy villan as a boss. There's extreme potential there. And everyone likes the gameplay.

Problem is the graphics and voice acting right now.At launch it will be at least Nioh 2 quality. It's definitely not going to be a Left Alive or Balan Wonderland square blunder again. Will be a Solid 8 overall like Nioh 1 and 2.

AnotherGamer713d ago

Isn't the game on Beta and such?

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