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An extract from the WiiWare World review of Engine Software's Bang! for WiiWare:

"Bang! is a puzzle game involving hammers, fruit and other random objects. The game concept is very simplistic in nature. Your screen is loaded with refilling objects: fruit on the first level, seaside objects on the second level, etc. To clear the objects from the screen you must "hammer them" by pointing at them and pressing the "A" button. By clearing the foreground objects you will slowly clear background panels. Once the background panels are all gone you move onto the next stage. Complete ten stages and you move onto the next level. Repeat ad nauseum.

There are few twists to make the basic gameplay a tad more interesting fortunately. A multiplier mechanic is implemented that rewards you if you quickly and consistently clear the shapes without making a mistake. This is the "hook" that allows you to constantly improve on your high scores. There is also a power bar which gains in energy as you clear shapes allowing you to make a swinging motion with the remote when full. This essentially clears the screen and thus gives you a whole new set of random shapes to work with."

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