Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Final: Inside the Honeybee Inn

Co-Director Motomu Toriyama reveals the secrets of the Honeybee Inn, from problems with pole-dancing to how they re-interpreted a classic scene for the modern era.

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metalhead34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Lol the Modern Era. Nothing was wrong with the original game’s version of it. We just live in a world where one side thinks everything is demoralizing and offensive when we are just showing portrayals of humans being humans and the other wants to cancel everything that messes with their Jesus and Kid Rock.

I don’t call the original honeybee inn offensive. I call it an artistic portrayal of the darker side of humanity.

The “Modern Era” is basically just insecure people controlling everything with better graphics than we had back in the 70s when large amounts of people thought rock music was the devil.

I love FFVII remake, but we didn’t need to cater to people who keep getting their feefees hurt and need mommy to kiss their booboos for them.

PectoralFlex34d ago

I can see why they felt they needed to change this part up. I just can’t stand burlesque and cabaret in the least. This was the nadir of the game, imo.