30 Years On, Sonic The Hedgehog Should Abandon 3D Gameplay

Sonic the Hedgehog is turning 30 years old, and at this late stage in the character's life, it might be time to give up on that precious 3rd dimension.

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phoenixwing638d ago

All they need to do is keep making sonic adventure games

Duke19638d ago

I got way more fun out of Sonic Adventure 1 + 2 than I ever got from a side-scroller

phoenixwing638d ago

I agree. Both games were fun on the dreamcast

Fntastic638d ago

Yeah i liked SA, SA2 was really good. Heroes was kinda meh..

They need to go back to the SA2 formula and enhance that playstyle. Sonic has had plenty of great 2D games but i think SA2 proved they can make a really good 3D game, you would have thought by now they would've nailed it.

-Hermit-638d ago (Edited 638d ago )

Or maybe people should let Sonic evolve past 2D sprites. Stop holding the series back because you're nostalgic for the 90s.

-Foxtrot638d ago

People want Sonic to evolve, it's just they aren't doing a good job at evolving it

Sonic Adventure was good
Sonic Adventure 2 was great
Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 was bad
Sonic and the Secret Rings was nothing special
Sonic Unleash...again not great
Sonic and the Black Knight, bland and gimmick like (I mean a sword, really)
Sonic Colours was better but not by much
Sonic Generations was pretty decent
Sonic Lost World, nothing eye catching
Sonic Forces, pretty terrible

So out of all them, only a couple were decent

Sonic Adventure just likes to be ignored by SEGA, no remakes, remasters or sequels while Sonic Generation got a sequel with Sonic Forces and they basically took everything we loved about Generations and tossed it out the window.

They are all over the place.

Teflon02638d ago

Naw Sonic Unleashed had some amazing day time stages, Sonic Generations modern sonic was fantastic. Forces problem was lazy stages that took 2 seconds to beat and barely any skill past holding square. As long as they do it right modern sonic is fantastic.
2D sonic is great and mania is too. But sonic 4 ep1 was mehh, EP 2 was good though. But I'd play day time unleashed over it every time

darthv72638d ago

I like both 2D and 3D sonic games. The original series, Generations, Mania (for 2D) and then of course Adventures, colors and Lost World (for 3D).

-Hermit-638d ago

People overexaggerate when it comes to Sonic's 3D games. There is nothing particularly wrong with most 3D Sonic games, it's just the mere fact that they are 3D that people can't accept. Then you have sites like IGN that never liked Sonic. A lot of this goes back to their childhood of Sonic vs Mario and Sega vs Nintendo, they can't let it go, even as adults.

I was also a big fan of Lost World too. Not so much the story, but I thought the gameplay was excellent. I remember IGN and Gamespot's video reviews getting massively downvoted at the time. They were just making shit up and were just bad at the game.

This is the main problem. People don't want to like 3D Sonic, so they don't even bother trying. Personally, I find the 3D games to mostly be between good and excellent, with the odd bad or mediocre game here and there. Sonic Unleashed's day time stages are still some of most well made stages I have ever seen in a platform game.

isarai638d ago

Or just literally steal what fans have been making, seriously there's like 4 fan made sonic games out there that play better than anything team sonic has made in years

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The story is too old to be commented.