Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Review - IGN

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance is a tedious co-op adventure with lots of goblins and even more bugs.

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brewin39d ago

And heres another reason I love Gamepass. This is a game I likely would have preordered. Rather than be disappointed and trade it back in losing out $, I can still play it as part of my sub to see if I get any enjoyment out it at no risk whatsoever!

NeoGamer23239d ago

I didn't see this as a great game from the start. I am surprised it gets this bad of a review (even from IGN who are typically to get 7-9's). If IGN is giving a 4 then I am really concerned. I can't remember the last game I saw on IGN as a 4/10. LOL.

Elda39d ago

Playing it so far & I give it a fun 7 the lowest 6.5.

NeoGamer23238d ago

I was thinking when I saw the trailer 6-7 out of 10. Glad I was on the mark.

SpineSaw39d ago


And I love YouTube and Twitch and reviews for the same reasons with added bonus over a rental service. Twitch and YouTube and reviews cost no monthly fee and no downloads needed. Normally I wouldn't put stock into reviews but a game that sits a a 62 on medacritic needs no further research and no wasted time on downloads and no wasted money.

brewin39d ago

I can't stand watching twitch and YouTube videos. I'd much rather play a game myself and see how much enjoyment I personally get out of it. I don't give two s**** if someone else is having fun or isn't with a particular game. I trust my own judgment over most of these YouTubers and twitchers any day of the week. I like what I like despite what these so-called taste makers say.

thesoftware73039d ago (Edited 39d ago )


Yeah cause watching people play games is better than trying it yourself..SMFH. if you noticed Brewin said "Another reason" he loves game pass..not the only reason..what are the other benefits you get from YouTube other that listening and watching other people?

I read reviews as well, but if something that looks interesting even a little, I would like to try it or buy it at a discount price..I'm a hands on type of guy, there are plenty of games that didn't "Score well" but I enjoyed them, vice versa..try to get me to play overwatch and I will gag..ask me to play hitman if you want me to go to sleep.

And you just said, you wouldn't put stock on reviews, and then said the 62 Meta needs no further nonsensical. Dude get your own mind.

Loss of individuality is the first sign on conformity.

Get stronger bro.

King_Noctis39d ago

How is watching a Youtube video in anyway comparable to playing the game?

gamer780438d ago

i'd rather play first hand, also alot of youtubers get influenced to be excited for games even if its not an official review.

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zacfoldor39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Honestly, not saying anything about this game, but sometimes reviews are much better at telling me what to avoid as opposed to what to buy. I really don't have the time to just play through random games on a whim to see if I like them, so I tend to do a lot of pre-filtering before my purchases, and I never preorder anymore(learned that from comments here recently, actually, lol).

Also, it is not the best reason for gamepass considering the score, no?

neutralgamer199239d ago (Edited 39d ago )


Good for you I guess, for rest of us we'll just wait till it's patched and become enjoyable/playable. I don't think you are saying it's on game pass and being broken is a positive for game pass, game pass needs quality not quantity

brewin39d ago

No I'm saying that game pass is great because I get to play the games myself and decide if it's worth my time or not. If the game is trash oh well no loss. if I play through the whole game before it comes off Game Pass then cool I basically just played a game for the cost of my sub. If I were to factor in how many games I played through that I didn't have to buy my game pass subscription has paid for itself a thousand times over. I still buy the games that I really enjoy and that I know I will continue to play I just get to wait until they're super cheap to purchase them. For me personally the value of Game Pass has been unreal. I feel like I've stolen from Microsoft! All those times I dropped $50 $60 on new games and only played through some of them and amassed this huge backlog. now with Game Pass I find myself playing through games a lot more trying to squeeze as much value out of my games as I can. And trust me gamepass has an overabundance of excellent games if anything. Yakuza 7 is something I would have purchased for my PS5. I'm currently playing it on my series X and I'm loving every moment of it. This is a game I may still buy on my PS5 but I can wait until it's $10 or lower because I'm getting the satisfaction of the experience using my game pass sub. I think you people who are hating on Game Pass are missing the point. If you really care about games and getting as much bang for your buck as possible you can't beat Game Pass plain and simple.

LabRat39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

"For the rest of us.." not sure who you are speaking for, no one is gonna wait months for this game. It's okay if some games on gamepass suck, it's bound to happen when you have hundreds of games on a subscription service, just like a lot of Netflix shows/movies suck. There will be good and bad. There is plenty of quality on the service so they don't "need" quality. They are in a great place with the service.

PCgamer9839d ago

Agree. As much as people here love to hate gamepass but this is one of the advantages of the service.

gamer780438d ago

exactly, i downloaded it last night but haven't played it yet, will try it one night with some friends at no risk at all. Love gamepass.

brewin38d ago

For real, its amazing. I totally find myself playing games I never would have even considered. Have found some true gems this way. Thats part of the beauty of it all. Cant really put a price on the discovery aspect. I play way more games in more genres than ever and spend way less than I ever have in the 30 years Ive been gaming!

Kornholic38d ago

You thought this was an appropriate moment for your Game Pass advertisement?

brewin38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Its not an advertisement, I fkng wish they paid me to sell it. The shit is great, plain and simple. As a gamer of 30 plus years, I find this to be a great fkng service that is all. Sad that asshats like you cant grasp that something is fucking great and people like it. Therefore it must be shitted on by people like you. F that.

As a kid, if you would have told me that I could go into a place like Blockbuster and rent any game and as many of them as I wanted for $15 a month I would have been in heaven! Thats basically what gamepas is. Too bad you sony shills and robots cant see beyond your narrow ass mindframe to see the good in it, oh well. Keep missing out I dint give a shit. I wasnt talking to you anyway so go ahead and piss right TF off!

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Highrevz39d ago

Died at the end of a mission and got stuck in a loading loop. I could hear my character taking damage and dying repeatedly but the screen was stuck on loading. Lost all loot for the mission and it was a on a punishing

The game lags when using elevators and has disconnection issues.

Apart from that I like the game but it won’t last long in this state, especially if updates don’t release quick enough. The lack of a Mage class was also disappointing.

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spwittbold39d ago

LMAO. I just played this game for 30 min on game pass. It's an absolute pile of dog crap. Of all the shitty games that have come out in thelast year, this one imo wins for worst place.

instantstupor39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Yeah, I'm kinda with you here. Maybe not worst, but it is pretty bad.

Tried it last night on PC GP when it went live at 1am. It felt kinda like a mobile hack 'n slash. VERY linear levels, the little bits of gold just lying on the ground out in the open, the little trinkets at the end of *barely* hidden dead end alcoves, the way the loot drops, the way "quests" are just selected off a map from the main all feels like it started off as a mobile title and they scaled it up to be a larger release. Maybe it gets better later on, but as it stands I'm quite glad I was able to try it on Game Pass.

CYALTR38d ago


I was going to write basically the same thing, but I think you said it better. Not bad, just kinda boring and repetitive. Basically what IGN said. I haven't run into any technical issues on my XOX, but it does seem like a mobile game brought to consoles. Doesn't necessarily make it a bad game, just not one I care for and definitely not worth 40 bucks. Worth checking out on GP, but I wouldn't sink any money into it other than that.

Elda39d ago

With using only some of my Gamestop rewards that I've accumulated so far this year I only paid $10 for the game. The game does has some issues far as hit boxes,camera & sound issues but it's definitely playable. I've been playing it in co-op & I've been having fun so far I don't regret my purchase.

brewin39d ago

To each their own that's cool that you're enjoying it. I'll be trying it out on Game Pass later to see if it's worth my time. I'm not hearing good things in the reviews but I don't care about what other people say I like to try it myself and see how it makes me feel and how much fun I'm having.

Elda39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

That's my point. I didn't care about the reviews or what others have said I bought the game but at a discount to own because I was interested & I'm enjoying it.

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