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Koei Tecmo's Ninja Gaiden Master is a so-so collection of prior games and all the previously released DLC, but the experience is very lackluster.

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Hellcat202037d ago

I agree..I couldn't play the first one in this collection so I skipped to the second one and even that one is pretty bare upgrade

Sadist337d ago

Um, you don’t buy a game for posters or anything else. You buy the game to PLAY the game. And no game has come close to the combat and enemy AI of Ninja Gaiden. Hasn’t been a game with better combat released ever since these games were released and that’s sad. Literally the best action game out there. People may not like it because it’s too hard for them, and they prefer games where the enemy just stands there. If you want the best action and best enemy AI out there, then get the game.

UnSelf37d ago


and extra props for having my fav rapper as a pfp