Metro Exodus Review (PS5) - PlayStation Universe

From PSU: Metro Exodus on PS5 is one of the best survival wastelands to explore on the new console. With enhanced textures, stunning ray-tracing and global illumination, and immersive DualSense implementation, what is on offer here is an experience like no other. If you skipped it on PS4 or want to play again, there is ample enhancements here that make the Moscow Wasteland worth exploring all over again.

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It’s my favorite use of the dualsense so far. The guns all feel unique from the get-go, and tinkering with them yields an extra level of impact from your choices.

Derekvinyard1335d ago

I'm loving it don't get me wrong but I'm a little upset they didn't make full use of the trophie tracking progession. This game requires you to kill a certain amount of enemies with certain weapons, or use a certain amount of chemicals and it not tracked like other ps5 games. So annoying.


Ugh, considering how well they supported the controller, it would be nice if they supported ALL unique ps5 features as well. That said, i didn’t even notice this myself. Good to know I suppose.