The Abandoned:Trailers app will launch on June 25th

The app will kick off with an introduction to get you introduced with it’s purpose and how to use the app.

ocelot071120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

Going to feel so sorry for blue box if this is not one of kojimas tricks. People seem so sure this is silent hill and kojima working on it. Spite blue box saying he has noting to do with abandoned.

Lore1120d ago

I stopped feeling bad for them once they blatantly tweeted the first and last letters of the game.

solidsnake2221120d ago

I won’t feel sorry for them in the slightest if this isn’t Kojima’s doing. Blue Box has brought this upon themselves, and they’ve been dropping Silent Hill clues left and right. If this isn’t Silent Hill, Silent Hill and Kojima fans have every right to be upset with them.

tombfan1120d ago

I still think this whole web game has been an absolute joy, very fun, indeed. If it's not Kojima, Blue Box has certainly got the eyes of everyone and made one hell of announcement.

ScootaKuH1119d ago

Didn't they already apologise for misleading people over the silent Hill reference?

DarXyde1120d ago

I would be deeply shocked if it isn't Kojima there's just so much intricacy behind this.

monkey6021119d ago

It has to be. New studio out of the blue. It's logo is like a Sony studios silhouette. The directors name is a Turkish translation for Kojima. The flag being teased in the death Stranding trailer. They themselves tease it in tweets. Those tweets if they were coming from Norway would be at 3 or 4 am local time, so that's not happening, Reasonable time for Japan though.

porkChop1120d ago

Blue Box has done it to themselves, so why would you feel sorry for them? They've been intentionally leading everyone on, leaving very obvious hints.

ocelot071120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

Not going to lie. I have only been following this Abandoned thing for about 3 days now so I didn't know the full story at the time of my og comment. I started taking note when they said they have affiliation with kojima. I didn't realise they have previously dropped Silent Hill hints.

If that's the case then yer I won't feel as sorry for them as much as it sounds like they had brought a bit on them selves. But I had solid hour read about this ambandoment and I'll be very shocked if kojima does not have anything to do with it.

generic-user-name1120d ago

If somehow Kojima has nothing to do with this, I'll still be impressed that Blue Box were able to generate all this hype and won't be upset with them. A tiny percentage of gamers will ever hear about this so it won't make much odds to them even if there is a backlash from some salty losers.

aquamala1119d ago

They already said they have nothing to do with Kojima, Konami or silent hill but people don’t want to hear it

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kungfuian1120d ago

If this isn't some ransomware Black Tiger level quality con artist bullshit I'll eat my hat.

Eonjay1120d ago

I would like to sere that. You eating you hat I mean.

northpaws1120d ago

You have 5 days to pick a hat that is easy to digest.

Thundercat771120d ago

Blue Box better pray Abandoned turns out to be Silent Hill because there is no way they can troll the Silent Hill community like that and expect people to not get mad.

-Foxtrot1120d ago

If it’s not Silent Hills and they get proper shit on afterwards then I don’t want anyone feeling sorry for them, they knew what they were doing. Don’t prod the bear if you don’t want to be attacked

jznrpg1120d ago

For their “last game” they also mentioned Kojima . https://pbs.twimg.com/media... Seems like it’s Kojima If they refer to him both games

UltimateRacer1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

Great, can’t wait to play this silent hills game.