So Many People Are Playing Battlefield 4 Again That EA Is Increasing Server Capacity

Battlefield 4 players should be able to find matches faster now

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Inverno34d ago

Well Amazon did give it away as part of Prime, and EA has given premium pass away in the past as well. I don't understand the logic of companies and of consumers. BF4 at this point is a more complete experience than BFV and the upcoming BF. It's been on sale plenty of times and it's modern warfare, all they would hafto do is hype it up again get people's attention. Kinda like its own "Return to Yharnam" event, breathe new life into it. EA gets money without having to waste more on developing another BF game and people get a game that's guaranteed going to be filled with players

annoyedgamer34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Its the MTX sales. Its the same reason Activision refuses to re-release MW2 on current consoles. The game is THAT GOOD. And is a complete package with no MTX. People would flock to it and never buy anything else. Bad Company 2 release will never see the light of day either.

LordoftheCritics34d ago

BF4 mtx is so minimal. You never ever really need it.

JustTheFax34d ago

I thought they added MTX to MW1 Remastered, no? Or was that just loot boxes? Been a bit since I played it.

annoyedgamer34d ago


Thats the point. BF4 has almost no MTX. They want people buying the MTX Pay 2 win modeled newer titles. If BF4 remastered nobody would touch the new games. Same goes for BC2 and MW2.

Vegamyster34d ago

They could easily release MW2 with micro transactions, they did it was the MW1 remaster lol.

anubusgold33d ago

Bad company 2 still looks good on pc if you force the Nvidia graphics settings on it.

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Teflon0234d ago

?? Tf the game released like 8 years ago. Why wouldn't it be a more complete game. It's support is finished lmao.

It's also never been a bad game.

BFV is fine as a game and experience. Not sure what the issue is.

BF4 released in a disgraceful shape and picked itself up. Don't understand this mindstate people have now where BF4 could release a disaster and take about a year to run properly online and you'd praise it but can't even give any form of credit lol. BF4 also had MTX. Not sure how removing map packs and putting optional spending options is a bad thing. Literally BF gave away the premium stuff like 5 years later because it was literally impossible to play DLC maps anymore because only people still on 4 were people who couldn't afford to be on the newer games.

Inverno34d ago

I have no idea what you're on about? Never praised BF4 and I know at what state it was released in. I don't think people bothered understand what I wrote.
I said that BF4 is a complete experience, yes I know what year it was released in, and that all the content of it's premium pass has already been released which is why I said that's it's a complete experience because it's literally COMPLETED.

My comparison to BFV was because BFV is a failure. It was meant to be supported longer than they actually did, and thanks to how they botched the marketing and launch of the game they decided to let it die much sooner than intended.

MTX aren't any better than map packs and the only reason why so many people accept it is because they're fooled into believing that their games are going to be supported for longer. Most multiplayer games aren't supported for longer than a year despite.

And it's stupid to think that they only gave out the premium passes for free cause people couldn't afford to move on to the new game. Just because something is newer doesn't mean that what came before becomes bad. I have occasionally gone back to BF1943 because I find fun still so that's a pretty ignorant thing to say.

My point was that they could easily make more money off of something that they don't need to invest a huge amount of money towards and bring back people to game that is enjoyable

Profchaos34d ago

Same thing happened with BF2 when it went free on epic EA had to increase server capacity

Inverno34d ago

Same thing happened with Skate 3 when PewDiePie played it years back. Sure it wasn't free but the game was revived and people started playing it again. There's already so many games with a multiplayer component that people most likely still own and if given a reason to go back they would jump right in. Instead they rather hype you up for a new game at full price

anubusgold33d ago

We dont even have all the information about 2042 yet so for you to say its not complete is just something you pulled out your butt.

Inverno33d ago

My dood it doesn't hurt to actually read what I said. I said BF4 is a more complete product because it has all it's dlc already released. It is factually a more complete product than BF 2042 which I never mentioned in the first place

Pyrofire9533d ago

Imagine they have a trailer for it and everything at a showcase and they're just up there saying "yeah, it's literally the game we released 8 years ago. It was pretty good right?"

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Orchard34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I was never a fan of 4, but 2042 should be good.

Smok9134d ago

If you didn’t like 4 what makes you think you’ll like 2042?

Michiel198934d ago

hes a fan of Darude - Sandstorm

Orchard34d ago

I did like Sandstorm back in the early 2000s :p

But I’ve been lucky enough to try 2042 out and I like it, it feels closer to 2 and 3 than 4/1/V.

Michiel198933d ago

it was pretty nice untill it got played to death everywhere. Here its become kind of a meme now because of that.

anubusgold33d ago

There is only one sandstorm and its called insurgency lol.

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annoyedgamer34d ago

Grapple hooks, specialists and potential MTX class switching on the fly. Sounds like a dream.

Ashunderfire8634d ago

I already got it for free back when PS4 launched on Amazon. I got it as a buy one Killzone Shadowfall, and got Battlefield 4 for free.

Emartini122234d ago

I still play it. Why not give it some love and update it to 4k for those that have ps5 or series x??

Minute Man 72133d ago

Because EA would rather release a "Remastered" version

sourOG34d ago

I’m starting to learn that this is why the devs like gamepass so much. After seeing the numbers on the money they get from gamepass I was like shocked at how low it was. I thought why the hell would anyone do that? This is why.

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