Who Won E3 2021? Every Conference Ranked

Keenan writes: E3 2021 is finally over, and some teaser events were better than others. Let's rank every E3 2021 Showcase from worst to best.

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masterfox37d ago

Squarenix , because Chaos! :D

LordoftheCritics37d ago

I'm almost tempted to play the demo. To see what this chaos is all about.

King_Noctis36d ago

You managed to successfully download and play the demo?

masterfox36d ago

yes it was chaotic at first.

Sonic-and-Crash36d ago

Playstation won with Summer game show and Horizon gameplay :P

GhostScholar37d ago

I'm sorry but nintendos conference was not better than the Microsoft conference. Metroid looked great but that's about it.

Venox200836d ago

Well, to each its own..I am personally happy to see new Warioware, Metroid, Mario Party, Advance Wars (even if some are the remakes more or less)

onisama36d ago

So those games are better than forza stalker 2 halo infinite atomic heart starfield and other games shown in MS???... Either fortnite is your your GOAT or your another MS hater

Elda37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I thought overall it was average for most showings. I didn't see anything mind-blowing or games that were a wow factor though I did see a few interesting multi-plats I wouldn't mind playing & will buy. Nintendo's Metroid Dread looks fun. Capcom was the most boring show out of them all. No one won.

GhostScholar36d ago

I think the 3 best games of the whole e3 showing were stalker 2, metroid dread, and forza horizon 5

Fntastic37d ago

This will just end up in pointless arguments tbh. Differing tastes etc. I personally liked Mario Party and Wario Ware because they look pretty fun, most of the other stuff is just same as the usual releases from Nintendo. Still no Pilotwings or Starfox.

HeliosHex36d ago

Gamers worldwide won. There was something for everyone.

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The story is too old to be commented.