E3 Hype: The Pre-Rendered Wait For Next Year's Games

Pre-rendered trailers can be fun to look at and analyze, and they ultimately are a great way of conveying the basic themes of a game, but when combined with release dates that are over a year away, they quickly lose relevance.

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Christopher645d ago (Edited 645d ago )

Very disingenuous to claim "haven't finished anything yet."

I don't think a lot of people realize how much work is done before you ever see the alpha gameplay. From character and world design artwork, prototyping gameplay elements, and a ton more. Just because it's not ready to be seen by the masses. And, even when it is ready to be seen by the masses, it's still not finished.

To categorize all the cogs and pulleys in the machine that goes to make a video game as "finished anything" plays down the process and development cycle in general. There are a ton of milestones that they have to reach before they're ready to have a CGI trailer that represents the gameplay. That's typically two years of work by various groups of people.

The fact that things change doesn't alter or diminish the work that took to get it to that point.

Ashunderfire86645d ago

I understand the process I took classes on game design, but Microsoft got to show off more than Sony, that is just more ready with more gameplay shown from its exclusives. I see that Microsoft is giving us 6 games this year, but they still need to show off more for the Series X, and none of those games truly show off the power of Series X. Not even Stalker 2, Forza Horizon 5, or even Halo Infinite truly show off the power!!!

Christopher645d ago

"I understand the process but here's a lot of stuff having nothing to do with said process."

isarai645d ago

I mean, if all you got is an xbox sure, gameplay was shown for other platform exclusives and 3rd party games. MS seems to be the only ones showing mostly CGI trailers, they really need to start showing something more soon.

glennhkboy645d ago

If you cannot distinguish between game play & CGI, then I think that is a job well done. Forza Horizon 5 is shown real game play footage, Flight Sim is in real game play, Halo multi-player footage is in game play. Yeah, both Outer World 2 & Starfield are CGI (or alpha footage).

Christopher645d ago

Outer World 2 was Outer World footage. Part of the whole point of the video was pointing that out and explaining it's coming but they didn't want to do a CGI trailer.

Einhander1971645d ago

CGI trailers aren't needed nowadays, if there isn't any proper game footage, don't show at all.