Why I Bought a PSP Go in 2021

Alex S. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "I bought a 12-year-old, digital-only system. And I gotta say – I love it."

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Knushwood Butt37d ago

I got one at launch and still have it.
Great system and super portable.
Not so comfortable for big hands playing for long sessions though.

Have good memories of Peace Walker on the Go, pun intended.

dolfa36d ago

I believe there is some prototype of a hand held console with dedicated GPU that can run modern AAA games too.

Eidolon36d ago

PSP has such great games, it's such a shame Vita didn't do as well, I still use mine I bought in 2014. I still would love an upgraded handheld if just for ports, though.

redrum0636d ago

I've enjoyed my PSP a lot, too bad they're not making handhelds anymore.
That time when Skype was available on PSP was awesome.

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