Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Runs Amazing on PS5, But Horribly Ported

Sirus Gaming: With all these performance improvements, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order runs amazing on the PS5, which is, no doubt, a big plus but I hardly consider this a next-gen upgrade. If you find a person who's selling a PS4 version, I would highly recommend that over buying the PS5 one that costs $39.99.

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myfathersbastard46d ago

Just finished replaying it. It looks better. Not like, amazingly so. But better for sure. Load times are marginally better but def not making good use of the SSD. Other than that I mean, it’s the same great game. Def worth the playthrough if you haven’t and enjoy action adventure games.

LordoftheCritics46d ago

I liked it. It's the only souls-ish game I like. Also overall a good adventure,

robtion46d ago

Have you tried Darksiders 3? Similar in gameplay, you might like it.

Flewid63845d ago

Same. It's the only Souls-like game I ever enjoyed. Serkiro came close but its overall progression system F'd that up for me.

deadfrag45d ago

Souls-ish....?I dont know if i cry or laugh at that insane mark!


Can you use old saves or do you have to start over?

Seraphim46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

you can import your save. keep in mind it's 2 different trophy sets though.

I started the game last week and downloaded the update the other night. However I deleted the PS5 version and continued the game on the PS4 version. There were some upgrades but in my experience there were more drawbacks. Mainly assets not loading, pop in, etc.

strifeblade45d ago

What a headache. On Xbox everything automatically ports over even the achievements. And I don't need to buy the game again, my Xbox one version automatically upgrades. This is just archaic.

Silly gameAr45d ago

Good for you and your xbox. Enjoy that.

LucasRuinedChildhood46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

"based on my review almost 3 years ago". The game has been out for just 1 year and 7 months (November 2019).

I think "lazily ported" or "barebones port" is more appropriate than "horribly ported" which has different connotations than the issues highlighted, e g. a modest increase in visuals, basic Dualsense implementation, and so on.

Snookies1246d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I love how fitting your name is for this discussion, lol! Never got a chance to play it on PS4, so I might check it out whenever I do pick up a PS5.

Pyrofire9546d ago

I feel just as disappointed by this article as he does about the game.
This dude definitely has a small forehead. He's way too concerned about native resolution when upscaling can be so good, but he doesn't mention how it actually looks.
" it doesn’t take more than 45 seconds to load."
This is a bad way to write when you're trying to clearly present information. Say clearly what it DOES do.
I don't want to waste any more time complaining about everything this article does. It's just horribly written.

Dandizzle46d ago

Im not gonna complain about having a free upgrade but there is a significant disk space difference between the ps4 version and ps5 version...... When I checked I thought nah..... not worth taking up space on the console drive (I think its like 50gb) vs less disk space on an external. After that last patch game plays great, all it needed was dualsesense integration.

45d ago
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