New Xbox Trailer Shows Six Games that Will “Change Your World” in The Next Six Months

Today Microsoft released a trailer about six games coming to Xbox and Windows over the next six months.

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Christopher47d ago

Microsoft hitting us with the Sony style marketing now.

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Christopher47d ago

I enjoy that people think I mean this in a negative manner.

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Jericho133747d ago

Wow this article (at the time of writing) hasn’t been approved and you’ve already amounted 22 dislikes. Well played sir 😂

LordoftheCritics47d ago (Edited 47d ago )


I agree, it was a fake open world. Progression depth was minimal, rpg elements very minmal. Decent enough action.

Exploration meant nothing. It was overall ok at best. Very pretty at places.

Lore47d ago

I appreciate your input. It’s unfortunate when people defend its faults. I want Sony to use their hundred of millions to set the bar. In my opinion all they do is set the bar with quality and production values - not in terms of addictive and nostalgic gameplay. Be better than The Witcher, be better than Dragon Age, be better than Diablo, be better than The Elder Scrolls, be better than Xenoblade, be better than Fallout, be better than GTA. Tackle a genre that allows for a rich and lasting experience with lore and depth. They keep paying for 3rd party companies to make these games for them.


Yes that is true. The marketing point regarding the design of Horizon is amazing. Execution was just underwhelming. They should have made a true RPG with customizable characters and hired multiple writers for the lore. The one guy who came from Fallout was not enough.

Army_of_Darkness47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

@lore "Be better than The Witcher, be better than Dragon Age, be better than Diablo, be better than The Elder Scrolls, be better than Xenoblade, be better than Fallout, be better than GTA."

Can't say the same about you, but I honestly enjoy(happily completed) horizon zero dawn more then any of the games you mentioned.

DarthMarvin47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

@Lore Two of those five games are literally nothing like Horizon at all besides being video games and a third is only similar in that it has an open world. Compared to the other two, Horizon is absolutely better. Every Eldar Scrolls game is a tedious and boring walking simulator with zero depth and no story, and The Witcher is only good because of its story (which is based on a book series that's way better).

Eonjay47d ago

I see what you mean but their style is still too heaven handed for me.

Extermin8or3_47d ago

Except that Microsoft had to feature nuktiokatforn titles just to cone up with 6 titles to use lol

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poppatron46d ago

Horizon isn’t out this Christmas though. As irrelevant and meaningless as it is

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quenomamen47d ago

I assume they're talking to people who own Xboxs or gaming PCs. If you do, then yea it might.

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Melankolis47d ago

You're not alone. Everytime MS hyping their games, it just doesn't reach me, not even one of their 6 games. Ah, well, i guess maybe Xbox fans feel the same way when they see Sony's announcement.
I used to buy MS's consoles (Xbox og and Xbox360), they've gone in a specific direction after that with their established IPs.

dekke47d ago

well technically 3 games, since Psychonauts 2 and Back 4 Blood are multiplats and FS2020 is already 1 year old ^^

SirBruce46d ago

Or Game Pass cloud compatible devices...

phoenixwing47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Horizon psychonauts 2 age of empires 4 and halo. I'll probably get these for my pc.

This trailer really shows that microsoft actually has games now. Congrats on doing what you should have done forever ago lol

Chevalier47d ago

Is Age of Empire even on Series X? I only see it listed for PC in the trailers. I will probably try some of these on PC. Maybe get a Series X, but, way down the line when they start rolling more games out, probably like in 2024 at the rate they're going.

Extermin8or3_47d ago

You are correct it's pc only at present.