Back 4 Blood Split-Screen Co-Op Not Available at Launch, Aiming Down Sight Given as an “Option”

Back 4 Blood split-screen co-op won't be available -- at least at launch! Turtle Rock says ADS (aim down sight) is an option that players can trade out.

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JEECE94d ago

Ugh. I was hoping since this is a last gen version that at least the current gen versions of the game might have split screen. I know the argument against split screen these days is usually that the system can't handle it, but in a game made for the prior gen, that would seem to no longer apply.

excaliburps94d ago

Same. Hope they can add it post-launch.

Smok9194d ago

They will if they want my money. Oh, I have gamepass.

JEECE94d ago (Edited 94d ago )


I see what you are saying, but you better believe MS is looking at the data of what games Gamepass users actually play with their subscriptions. So even if you and others download this because it's free, if you and others play far less due to the absence of split screen, that will affect how MS negotiates Gamepass contracts with this dev's games in the future. So in the Gamepass context your time is your money.

neomahi94d ago

This and Fatal Frame were the best games of E3 Shown.

D3TH_D33LR92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Lmfao very cold take. Stalker 2, halo infinite and elden ring dunk on this game three fold and yes I’m still getting back 4 blood