The Journey Begins Video For Starfield

Looking forward to seeing this one and all the news between now and launch. Take an inside look at the process of the game.

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Christopher104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

Gamers: "Show us gameplay!"

Todd: "So, here's me talking about my dream some more while you see random people working on computers."

Garethvk104d ago

I would like to hope they are saving it for Quakecon but I am not sure that is the case. If PAX Prime happens it will be interesting to see if they come as in some recent years they do offsite stuff vs on the main floor. I could see them coming to push Deathloop and the Supernatural game.

LordoftheCritics104d ago

Not sure if there will be a quakecon. MS owns them now so.

Garethvk104d ago

They have already announced a Quakecon online.

bleedsoe9mm104d ago

The drip feed of Starfield info over the next year and half begins

Garethvk104d ago

If there is a PAX West I am not expecting it there so likely nothing until their E3 2022 showcase.

Oeazy305104d ago

Hype is through the roof for this game "more of a hardcore rpg game"

Garethvk104d ago

Hopefully it is stable at launch.