Did Microsoft Have an Exciting Line-up at E3? | E3 2021 Reactions I The Co-op podcast

Gary Swaby of The Koalition writes: E3 2021 has kicked off, and the news is flowing at a rapid pace. Earlier today, we finally had the chance to witness the Xbox Bethesda Showcase, followed shortly after by the Square Enix Presents stream. Both shows offered a variety of titles aimed at different fan bases and demographics. But did these conferences live up to our expectations?

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rbailey39d ago

Microsoft + Bethesda conference was perfectly fine and gave a glimpse into the long-term vision the Microsoft has for some of these studios. Square Enix was disappointing and hopefully, they will show more of the anticipated games people are interested the next time around.

darthv7239d ago

I just watched the xbox show and it was certainly better than expected. The highlight for me is of course halo and forza but also the funny trailer for outer worlds 2 was very clever. Flight simulator finally has a release date and the top gun expansion to tie into the movie is a nice freebie. But that mini fridge at the end... I need that in my life.

medman39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

When I initially saw the xbox show, I was a bit disappointed....however, I went back and watched it a second time and there are a lot of very promising games in there. I really liked what I saw from Stalker 2 and Forza, but a game I totally missed the first time was Replaced...that game looks pretty fantastic. There were many other good ones in there too. I think when I watched the show first time I was really anticipating games like Starfield (actual gameplay), Hellblade, maybe even Everwild or Perfect Dark so when those didn't show it was kind of disappointing, but it was a good show regardless imo.

There are so many titles coming to gamepass over the next year and a half it's pretty ridiculous....1st and 3rd party. Crazy. I don't really have a dog in the fight because I usually buy multiple consoles, and I got lucky and snagged a ps5 on launch day and a series x a few weeks after launch, but for me Microsoft delivered what they had to after the dismal showing last July 2020.

DJStotty38d ago

Gotta admit that Outer Worlds 2 trailer was basically the script for every new game trailer lol

shuvam0939d ago

Heck yeah. It was pretty fun. Without Sony, it was on MS to deliver the stuff. And it was pretty cool ngl. I personally don't have in the Series consoles as I'm primarily PC now, but that waz a great line-up regardless. And more importantly, most of them are coming this year. And to Gamepass too!

itsmebryan39d ago

I think the show was great. The games had alot of diversity and with 27 included with gamepass was the cherry on top. They put the "Xbox has no games!" Comments to bed for good.

I wonder what they will have on their Thursday presentation

DJStotty38d ago

I'm guessing on Thursday we may get a few snippets of gameplay from the developer talks, maybe some features of games etc, and hopefully some surprise trailers/gameplay :)

Concertoine39d ago

My main issue is the lack of new stuff, and the lack of info on 2021 games. What exactly is Scorn? And what about all the pre-rendered/in-engine stuff we’ve alreadg seen? What do Perfect Dark, Fable, Hellblade 2, Everwild, or Avowed even look like? If just one or two of those were shown it would have been a good -> great E3

Sitdown39d ago

What do you mean by lack of new stuff?

rpvenom39d ago

Same.. only thing stood out to me was Stalker 2, atomic heart. Forza graphics look great but I'm not a fan of racing sims, halo's showing to me was a deflection of what seems to be no improvements after the last showcase, and other that that.. it was all indie games/party games/kid games and old games being remastered or finally released on xbox. I was really wanting xbox to blow everyone away but maybe my expectations were too high.

DJStotty38d ago

Forza Horizon is not a racing sim, Motorsport is the racing sim, horizon is more just racing.

Remastered games? indies? kids games?

did we watch the same briefing?

TheOptimist39d ago

Unironically PC Gaming SHow was the best major show. The others were pretty meh.

Small shows on the other hand felt like actual E3 - Tribecta Games, Devolver, etc were soooooooo much better than all of them.

Even the Summer Games Kickoff was much better but I think my bias may be because of From Soft on that one.

GhostScholar39d ago

I was not impressed by the graphics at all with Elden ring. The demon souls remake looked a million times better.

Razmiran39d ago

Well, elden ring is cross-gen

39d ago
Blade9239d ago

Of course the Demon Souls remake was for next gen only. Elden Ring is a cross gen game and made with older consoles in mind as well.

TheOptimist38d ago

*claps slowly* for two reasons

1. Demons Souls - A remake made exclusively for PS5
Elden Ring is an original IP made for cross gen consoles

2. "not impressed by the graphics"
From soft has never been about graphics. It has been about an immersive, reactive world with good gameplay and cryptic lore.

I mean, it took two generations to make Demon's Souls look that good. Creating worlds like Dark Souls isn't easy.

GhostScholar38d ago

I understand that it's cross gen, but there are plenty of ps4 and xbox one games that look way better. Ghost of sushima, tlou 2, forza horizon 4, horizon zero dawn, and sekiro all look better than elden ring. I'm not saying it won't be a good game, I'm just not fan of the look of it.

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CaptainHenry91639d ago

I was surprised by the PC gaming show. I actually liked it and was definitely better than the previous year's

TheOptimist38d ago

Exactly. It was a nice surprise. Previously they have been cringe fests with only one or two good announcements.

The only thing missing this time was Persona 5 Royal PC announcement aaaa

When is that coming to PC.

TheRealTedCruz39d ago

There were a lot of games shown that I'm excited to see more of. They're even following it up with information on more titles. I thought it was a good show.

It was cool to see Obsidian working on a sequel to Outer Worlds. I liked the game, but it needed to be reworked a bit and more fleshed out. Hoping we see that with this sequel.

-Foxtrot39d ago

It was...okay

It's just everyone else has been terrible that it stands out more

F0XH0UND92239d ago

I agree. Their event was one of their best in years but even Sony's bad events were at least on par with the Xbox event. So.many.multiplats.

F0XH0UND92238d ago


It's not cap, though.

rakentaja38d ago

Maybe, but basically everything goes to a Game Pass. This should not be called "just third party games".

GhostScholar38d ago

That's an interesting take considering most of the games shown by Microsoft were exclusive and on game pass day one. Nice try though. Even sony fan boys are saying microsofts conference was great.

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FinalFantasyFanatic38d ago

This is pretty much what I've thought, everyone has had a pretty poor showing, and Microsoft actually had a decent showing this year, so they've had the best show of E3 thus far.