Babylon's Fall | E3 2021 Trailer

BABYLON’S FALL from Square Enix is developed in partnership with renowned action specialists, PlatinumGames Inc., (NieR:Automata™). Featuring fluid co-op-combat, powerful weapons and a unique, striking art style, the epic world of BABYLON’S FALL is coming to the PlayStation®5 (PS5™) console, PlayStation 4 and STEAM. The game can be played in co-op online multiplayer for parties up to four and will feature a range of post launch game modes at no additional cost.

JenGotGame1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

Man, this really looked rough. (not just speaking visually) Hopefully it will end up being good, but this was not a great showing at least IMO. Almost like if Godfall were even worse, or idk how to even think about it.

NecrumOddBoy1077d ago

You’re not kidding. This looks like a closed-alpha of PS2 game running on a potato.

ABizzel11077d ago

PS2 is a stretch. PS3-remaster. The game looks rough.

tombfan1077d ago

You do know it's the artstyle, right?

-Foxtrot1077d ago

I know, considering the hype behind it and wanting to see more, I just feel like I saw Godfall if it was made in Japan.

There's a lot of "...play solo or with friends" stuff this E3

Platinum Games made a great single player driven experience with Bayonetta (later Nintendo) and almost made one with Scalebound going off the early trailers (Microsoft). I just find it a little funny that the one console something single player driven would have thrived on would have been the PlayStation.

Feels Sony drew the short straw here

Relientk771077d ago

"I just feel like I saw Godfall if it was made in Japan."

LOL ok that got me.

1077d ago
-Foxtrot1077d ago


Did you or can you not read

I said “almost made one with Scalebound”

You know because it never happened

Microsoft forced that co-op in, it was always supposed to be a single player hand

Sonyslave31077d ago

Yo wtf is this crap someone buy PG so they can finally get the resource they need.

Chevalier1077d ago

What? Platinum has an investment deal with Tencent. They should probably be okay for resources

purple1011077d ago

Wow. Looking good. However I was expecting more.

And that voice over(s) completely killed it. In a bad way though.

phoenixwing1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

the environment vs the actual people design has a huge disparity in quality. I think they switched it up halfway through development so they could save a buck. Also I have no proof or knowledge of this but it seemed at first it was going to be a killer single player game that got gutted and made into a co-op online game to try and cash in on younger audiences.

IanTH1077d ago

Definitely an aesthetically underwhelming introduction, but it is Platinum, and they are better known for their mechanics than their visuals. I'll hold out hope for this to be a good game, even if a bit on the ugly side lol

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GaaS – The “Only” Way Forward

VGChartz's Mark Nielsen: "Warner Bros. gaming boss J.B Perrette recently described traditional AAA games as “volatile”, but while that development approach has its issues as well, in reality it’s the GaaS format that best fits this description, as each title is quite literally as likely to explode in popularity as it is to implode."

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Alos8850d ago

Live services aren't the way forward, they're an expensive dead end that appeal to execs far more than the gaming community.
For every game that gets it right, at least five fail miserably and make no money at all. What WB and other companies consider to be easy money is actually a much worse bet than a SP title or traditional MP game could ever be.

senorfartcushion49d ago

You're talking about videogames. To these people, they don't want videogames, they want services.

The thing I've been trying to wrap my head around lately is not thinking of services as games. Games are made, games are owned and games are played.

I actually got the opportunity to speak to someone in marketing for a AAA games company and when I spoke about my annoyance regarding ownership they got flustered and actually became weirdly pedantic.

"No, you don't own the games, that's not how it works. You're wrong. They're not meant to be owned and people don't want to own them." Like they were helping people?

It was weird. It changed my outlook on the games. A Fortnite player is technically not a proper gamer. They play Fortnite but they've no idea what Assassin's Creed even is.

FinalFantasyFanatic49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I think this just goes back to companies trying to force the subscription model into everything, I don't want to pay a subscription to use Office or Adobe, I don't want to pay a subscription for heated seats in my car, I don't want to pay a subscription for multiple games. I want to buy and own the product to use and enjoy as I please, I also don't want a constant internet connection for everything either.

PapaBop49d ago

Helldivers 2 proved live service works, I think there will always be room for good ones that respects the player base but ultimately, how many GaaS games can people juggle realistically before gaming becomes more of a chore than a hobby? FOMO is also a huge problem with these games.

CrashMania49d ago

'how many GaaS games can people juggle realistically before gaming becomes more of a chore than a hobby?'

This to me is one of the main cruxes of the problem. If you try shove 10 GAAS titles down everyones throats, that demand you spend a few hours every day for the 'dailies' and 'weeklies', there's just not enough time for them and they saturate each other.

Cacabunga50d ago

The only way to flop.. ask Rocksteady

RNTody49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

So says the company responsible for one of the biggest flops of the year. This is a pathetic attempt to push an agenda to justify GAAS and mobile monetisation in triple A games. Do you think we're stupid? No one asked you to balloon your development costs by over hiring and expanding and over estimating sales and budgets, failing to meet targets, developing trash games like Suicide Squad that have to be delayed and take 6 years to release because of poor reception, creating mediocrity like Gotham Knights, or over extending on advertising

As the article points out, Gaas is equally likely to be a monkey sink especially post release if it fails like Redfall.

Baldur's Gate 3 and God of War Ragnarok shamed you all. The former for delivering a top quality product without the vices of triple A games, and the latter for releasing an entire game mode and story DLC for free because their product was quality enough to sell beyond expectations.

CrimsonWing6949d ago

It’s already working. I’ve made comments about this and people are happy with Hell Divers 2 and even defending the micros and Battle Passes. We’ve opened the door and traditional games are going to be less and less the norm. Hope you’re happy with the bright future of gaming.

Alos8849d ago

Not when the vast majority of these are failing and losing these studios money. Helldivers didn't succeed because it was live service, but in spite of it- because the devs wanted to deliver a fun game first and a storefront second. It is absolutely not comparable with trash like SS or Skull and Bones.