The Outer Worlds 2 - Official Announce Trailer - Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2021

New solar system, new crew, same Outer Worlds.

CaptainHenry9161077d ago

I'm more interested in this than Starfield

TheGreatGazoo301077d ago

I dont want to disagree vote you, but I'm looking forward to both equally. I'm all-in a Bethesda open world games since Morrowind and Outworlds was amazing. About to start another game in Outworlds, definitely excited for the sequel.

RaidenBlack1077d ago

The voice-over was just too good.

enkiduxiv1077d ago

Finally, a game from a real rpg maker and not just the latest looter shooter chaser.

NeoGamer2321077d ago

I loved the trailer. Completely told the truth all the way. Got me excited without even showing anything worthwhile!

King_Noctis1077d ago

Isn’t that great then? MS is providing people with tons of games to look forward to that most people can’t choose what their favorite is.

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Abnor_Mal1077d ago

Seems I was right after the Microsoft aqusition of Obsidian when I said I would no longer be buying the first game for my PS4 because it makes no sense for me to get invested in that game only to be locked out of the sequel. I knew then that any sequel would be exclusive but when I said so I was told I'm salty hater. At the time I said that I would not buy the game only to help them fund the next one being exclusive.

Same with the Bethesda aqusition when I said if the games come to PlayStation oh well, and if they don't then oh well. Again seems I was right and don't understand how some people felt I was wrong in my thinking. It is in Microsofts best interest that they make the games exclusive, now I see other Xboxers finally saying the same.

Anyway it was a good showing of games, and MS are definitely coming out swinging hard. Horizon5 looks great damn that car in the beginning of the video, I think it was a McLaren. Grounded looks cool, and damn I'm jealous of Flight Simulator with fighter jets F22 Raptors. Would have liked to have seen some actual gameplay for Perfect Dark. Sea of Theives has strong legs steady treading along.

Shane Kim1077d ago

No one really cares. Just play the damn games.

--Onilink--1077d ago

Its not like you know its a continuation of the story, there are tons of games where each game in the franchise, even with numbered sequels are completely standalone from one another

Abnor_Mal1077d ago

Yea I know, thats why at the time I said if anything I would just borrow my cousins copy if it turned out to be a great game. Haven't borrowed it yet, but who knows if the new game isn't a direct sequel then I may still give it a go.

HankHill1077d ago

That was a hilarious trailer. I hope the sequel improves some of the things that were iffy in the first game.

porkChop1077d ago

Obsidian has always struggled a bit because they've never been given the proper time and budget to make the games they want to. That's why their games are rough around the edges. That's no longer a problem now. I really hope they thrive and get the success they've always deserved.

neutralgamer19921077d ago

This is a hilarious trailer but also a lot of Truth in the fact the game is nowhere near ready to be launched for at least another 2 to 3 years

XxINFERNUSxX1077d ago

I didn't expect this, nice surprise. 😀

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phoenixwing342d ago

Going to be left waiting quite awhile for any of them except starfield

King_Noctis342d ago

Games don’t take just one or two years to develop anymore.

phoenixwing342d ago

That doesn't refute my statement. I'm looking forward to avowed to be honest. I have a gaming pc.

BrainSyphoned342d ago

No shit? Maybe don't announce Elder Scrolls 6 in 2018 when it won't be out till 2028 and it won't be such an issue.

King_Noctis342d ago


So when should they announce it? 1 month before release? Fact is, we don’t even know when this game started development. For all we know, Bethesda could have been developing this game alongside Starfield since before its reveal in 2018. So where did you guys get this 2028 date from?

Godmars290342d ago

Many of those tittles have been talked and hinted about for years.

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Zeref342d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Avowed is 2024 so not that long.
By the time you're done with Starfield you got another one to look forward to.
Fable and Clockwork are most likely 2025 (small chance either could be late 2024 as well)
Outerworlds 2 could be 2026.

Elder Scrolls 6 could be 2027, a lot of people are predicting 2028 or later for this one but you gotta remember Starfield only took so long because they spent a lot of time upgrading the Creation Engine. So I don't think Elder Scrolls 6 is gonna be that long and it certainly won't have the same scope as Starfield since it's most likely only taking place on one planet.

For the next 4 years we know we'll have at least one Xbox exclusive RPG every year.

So not sure what you mean by "waiting quite a while"

Reaper22_341d ago

I'm sure goers don't mind waiting if the game is good. Playstation gamers waited an entire generation for The Last Guardian.