The Outer Worlds 2: 5 Ways It Can Improve

Devin Rardin - The Outer Worlds excelled in well-scripted dialogue, a trait the sequel can capitalize on while improving its less desirable aspects. Here are 5 ways The Outer Worlds 2 can improve upon the original game.

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Alexious40d ago

I liked the game and its DLCs, but there are many areas for improvement.

giovonni40d ago

I haven’t played the first one yet. But I’ll check it out

King_Noctis40d ago

The first one was great but it feels limited in scope due to development budget. Either way you’ll have a good time playing it.

giovonni38d ago

Thank you, today is my day off so I’m gonna hop to it

Ausbo40d ago

Hopefully they can keep the game to a similar size, but flesh out the world a bit more. They talked before about adding more varied side quests and romances, but didn’t have the time before. Now since they aren’t relegated to a private division budget, they can make the dream game they wanted to make.

Killer73nova40d ago

I agree. I hope they don’t try to expand the world to much to where it’s a hassle having to get from one place to another

Profchaos40d ago

Probably in the minority but I'd like my character to be voiced next time conversations get old quickly when they feel one sided (just hearing one voice)

glennhkboy40d ago

"They haven't finished the character design, nor finished the story, nor any game play."

Profchaos40d ago

I was talking about my experience with the original and something I would like to see in the sequel.

glennhkboy40d ago

@Profchaos I was quoting their last line from the reveal trailer. I also finished the 1st Outer World twice. I liked the smaller scale of both the world & quest line. Both Fallout 4 & Elder's Scroll were too big for my taste.

Phoenix7640d ago

Might be silly question to ask but have they sorted out the respawning of enemy NPC's in the open world areas?
Asking because, last time I played (ages ago) I was clearing out worlds of enemies, then casually walking around exploring afterwards without encounters.

CYALTR39d ago

I'm not sure if maybe that was intentional. I would like to see some respawning, but I personally always hated it when you cleared out an area, and then went back to it like 5 minutes later, only to find that all the enemies you just killed are somehow alive again!! Maybe if they respawned after one game day or something that would be a good compromise.

I'm not sure if I'm correct about this, just a theory.

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