EDGE #360 review scores

This month’s EDGE review scores include Ratchet & Crank: Rift Apart, Biomutant, Subnautica: Below Zero, and more.

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Benficaman48d ago

ratchet -7, subnautica-8.😂😂 ;😂😂
because of scores like this i stoped buying the magazine. the scores never reflect my opinion.

outsider162448d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Not just that..biomutant is just 1 point behind it is hilarious. When you compare it to Ratchet..its got to be 2 or 3 points lower. Lol.

Ah each his own.

deadfrag47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Look i have both games and i have to say that for me Biomutant is in the same level of fun has Ratchet and Clank.Ratchet have better graphics and its much more polished but graphics is not everything ...when it comes to Gameplay and taking the best out of what a game has to offer i might prefer Biomutant actually. But no person is the same!

arbitor36547d ago

They gave Biomutant the same score as Ghost of Tsushima. That is the level absolute garbage takes that you are dealing with here. Edge is just the absolute worst.

Nintentional47d ago

Ratchet and Clank looks like a 7 game. The gameplay looks the same as any/every other Rachet and Clank game

REDGUM47d ago

To be fair subnautica is a worthy 8 but yes, way too low of a score for Ratchet to take them seriously.

wolf58147d ago

I was reading EDGE since 90s....well i stopped when they give mariokart double dash 5/10 and not to mention the historical 6/10 for uncharted 2..which is 95-96 on metacritic?
Its OK to have your personal opinion but a review must be objective and not reflect your personal bs...

coolbeans47d ago

EDGE has awarded every mainline Uncharted game an 8/10 or 9/10, so I'm not sure what you're going on about.

franwex47d ago

I actually agree with that double dash score. It’s one of the most mediocre Mario karts. All graphics, no substance.

NoFanBoy47d ago

I think they gave DOA beech volleybal 9 or 10 out of 10, It's a persons personal opinion but maybe they hire clowns.

lelo2play47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Some people always complain about a score of 6 or 7 a exclusive gets... but don't complain about the 10's some reviews always seem to give.

Brazz47d ago

it's edge, they love to hate Playstation games and "apple-polish" Nintendo stuff...

ScootaKuH47d ago

I mean it is all opinion but Subnautica above Ratchet? Nah man, not having it

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Einhander197148d ago

Typical Edge magazine give something totally mediocre a 9 and something totally cutting edge a 7, complete joke

coolbeans47d ago

Have you even played Chicory?

CosmicTurtle47d ago

Chicory has received excellent reviews so far. So it’s bit harsh describing it as mediocre.

Rimeskeem47d ago

One thing for sure tho, Ratchet is by no means "mediocre".

monkeyfox48d ago

Edge themselves have called their scores meaningless and even tried removing scores one month. But people love a number!

Games like any art form are subjective and therefore the numbering/scoring system in general is flawed in my mind, especially as most reviews are scored by one person most of the time.. I mean, what would you score a painting? ...Its bllsht, it means nothing.

NoFanBoy47d ago

But games are not JUST art.

arbitor36547d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I dont know how edge is still clinging to its meager existence at this point. They are a sub-site of gamesradar now and they get literally zero comments on most of their articles, and no views. They are a completely irrelevant joke and their reviews have always been biased garbage. Oh wow. What a surprise. Another PS exclusive gets a review that's radically lower than all the other sites. They have been doing this for literally 20 years now. Give it up already. Do the world a favor and just shut down your worthless publication.

coolbeans47d ago

EDGE still has their magazine subscription going so I'm not sure why their popularity in the sub-section of a site matters, especially when it's populated by other running gaming mags. It's amazing to see this kind of seething for a game getting a 7 instead of an 8 or 9. Remember to take deep breaths.

ApocalypseShadow47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I stopped reading years ago because their reviews were never consistent, they have this elitist attitude as if they are writing Shakespearean dialog. I like well written articles. But there was something not right over there at that magazine. And the cost of the mag at Barnes & Noble or when Borders was open, was no longer worth the price for old news that couldn't keep up with the internet.

When games Like Gears 5, Ghost of Tsushima or Resident Evil Village gets 6s, basically, many high profile games get lower scores like 6s or 5s, it's no longer a mag that reflects public opinion on most games.

Has nothing to do with bias. Not with PlayStation or Xbox or Nintendo. Reviews were never consistent. When *award winning* games are getting low scores from them like Life is Strange, then their great writing is not worth reading.

Being able to write is great. But it doesn't seem like they know the material they are writing about. Or have such high, elitist standards, that it doesn't reflect the gaming community's standards. It's their opinion. The community's opinion is that they have a problem reviewing.

Jdoki47d ago


Same here. Their writing style got more and more pretentious. And their scores are very inconsistent. Sometimes it seems they intentionally give games to reviewers who don't like the genre

I could never work out if they are trying to be 'edgy' and controversial, or just enjoy sitting around sniffing their own farts and actually believe the rubbish they are writing

ApocalypseShadow47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Jdoki, that was my problem. I felt that. Like you said, as if they were giving games to be reviewed to individuals that didn't like the genre. Exactly.

Cool is implying that gamers take a deep breath about Edge's opinions on games. But not question Edge's opinion in reviews. Maybe Edge needs to "take a deep breath" on reviews and be consistent. That's all the community is asking. We won't all have the same opinion on games. But Edge's opinion on top games is strange. Life is Strange 2 was awarded, Ghost of Tsushima was awarded. But they reviewed those games low. What does that say about their reviews on those games? Why does their reviews not reflect that gamers liked those games too?

arbitor36547d ago (Edited 47d ago )

If their online presence has cratered, I doubt they are doing well on other fronts. Magazines are a dying medium, especially among young people, who video game magazines target. I would wager that their subscription numbers are a fraction of what they once were. Gaming journalism is an oversaturated market to begin with. I cant imagine that edge has much time left before they become one of the culled.

coolbeans47d ago (Edited 47d ago )


Well, okay. Flowery (dare I say pretentious?) writing is one thing I can understand. When it comes to game reviews, that's a taste issue I can follow. One I'll agree to for now, but wouldn't mind challenging you on should I read their latest stuff.

But in regards to their scores not meeting avg. audiences, you're getting mighty close to expecting they HAVE to fall in line more often. To me: if they're often not reflecting the public opinion on popular games that sounds like I'd at least try to see why versus assuming inconsistency. Granted, I can't speak for some of the games you've listed but that doesn't sound as flagrant when considering their review methodology. Also, here's my hot take for one of those listed games: Gears 5 is more deserving of a 6 than a 10 or 9.5 [at launch]. While not wretched, it's 1.0 state was not in good shape until ~2 weeks later. And I don't really consider Life Is Strange some kind of bullet against their consistency either. I like the first LiS, but it's not without writing flaws. And I couldn't get past LiS2 Ep. 1 and Before The Storm was awful imo.

The point being: talking about the times EDGE may by unfavorable to award-winning stuff shouldn't matter THAT MUCH if those writers honestly arrived at their conclusions. In Ratchet's case, arbitor's complaining about it getting a "distinguished" score. Sure, Biomutant's "competent" score is overvalued to me, but what's funny is that's still slightly lower than average too.

-"Has nothing to do with bias. Not with PlayStation or Xbox or Nintendo. "

That seems to be the case for you. But I'm responding to someone who said otherwise, and I can't anticipate the future and know what you'll say.

-"Cool is implying that gamers take a deep breath about Edge's opinions on games. But not question Edge's opinion in reviews."

That's a bad mischaracterization. You know how replies work, right? I'm responding to someone that seems to be seething over a modest score, bringing up PS bias, and looking forward to the publication's end. Although I don't appreciate what ^you just said, you're being much more calm and collected in your overall tone. I don't have to tell you to take a deep breath.


-" Gaming journalism is an oversaturated market to begin with. I cant imagine that edge has much time left before they become one of the culled."

Could be right, but I still don't buy their online presence as a clear sign of death when that's never been their focus. Hell, they don't even put their reviews on gamesradar for a potential uptick in traffic.

shihiro117747d ago

I agree, it's amazing to see this kind of reaction from people. I mean, wishing for a publication to fail because they scored something a 7 instead of an 8.
These are human beings at the end of the day, working (I assume) hard to get an online and physical magazine out each month for people to read.

Every reviewer is entitled to their opinion, it's not like there is only one review that defines a game. There's like 20 different reviews that people can read, if they care enough to.

I understand why people feel the need to defend what they love but it feels like we are all getting just a little too hung up on a simple number out of 10 here.

ApocalypseShadow47d ago

As I said cool beans, the community likes these games. Some of them getting awards like Bafta awards. So, what's wrong with their review?

Example: Ghost of Tsushima gets a 6 from Edge. Was it the controls? The gameplay? The length? The graphics? The story telling? The sound design that that had multiple languages? The replay ability? The research involved? What was it in their mind that gave it a 6?

Did they compare it to other open world games? Did they compare it to other samurai games of the past? Review it on its own merits which is what they should do? If they reviewed it low because they were jaded or burned by playing too many open world games, then get someone to review that isn't jaded. Get someone that likes the genre.

If I was a food critic, and I after eating at 10 Mexican restaurants, end up reviewing the 11 restaurant a low score because I'm tired of eating enchiladas, it's not the fault of the establishment. It's my fault in the review. Not saying that that is what happened. But if it tastes good, it's good.

Not saying reviewers should fall in line. But gamers spoke saying it was a good game. Award givers said it was a good game. Edge says it's damn near unacceptable of a game. That leaves me to suspect their other reviews.

Gamers have every right to judge SOME review scorers if they don't stay objective. Case in point was the infamous Gamespot review of Ratchet and Clank. Giving the game a lower review because it had, "too much variety." They lowered the score because the game had variety? More options? Of course I'm going to suspect that there's something amiss. Not that any game is perfect. But "too much variety?" Come on man.

Edge is as jdoki said. They're pretentious. They've fallen in love with their own writing as if it can't be challenged because they believe they are a cut above other publications. I do not seek their demise. I want them to get better. They alone will be responsible for their own undoing.

coolbeans47d ago (Edited 47d ago )


I'm not really sure how to approach the first 1/2 of your response. I don't think it's helpful to start gish galloping me about a Ghost of Tsushima review that I don't believe either of us read. Have you read it to understand the reviewer's point? Because I haven't. Like I said, I'm willing to meet halfway and say "okay... I follow your point about their potentially-pretentious prose." But I'll admit I'm at least a bit interested in their most recent issue to see if that complaint holds water (b/c I just want to know for myself).

-"Not saying reviewers should fall in line. But gamers spoke saying it was a good game."

Okay, but not UNIVERSALLY, right? That's where I take some interest in seeing what a contrary opinion has to say, even if they have a habit of going against the grain. If I detect uncharitability or dishonesty then I'll bounce and not consider their reviews again, unless there's some sign of reform.

-"Edge says it's damn near unacceptable of a game. "

No, that's not fair. As I said, you have to consider their methodology to understand their point of view. That EDGE reviewer considered Ghosts a "competent" title. That's it.

-"Gamers have every right to judge SOME review scorers if they don't stay objective."

What do you mean by "objective" here though? Because I don't think it's right for gamers to expect reviews from automatons. If you just mean true to the facts of the game then I can easily agree to that. I just don't buy into the "objective" review approach some people have divined they're capable of accomplishing.

-"Case in point was the infamous Gamespot review of Ratchet and Clank."

Before I jump onto this, I don't think it's helpful to the discussion to jump over to ANOTHER review site now, in case we get lost in the weeds. That said, I don't think the review is good, but his criticism isn't limited to "too much variety" either. He mentions how there's virtually no challenge until the end and the story isn't very interesting overall. Plus his "variety" issue is about throwing various mechanics in that distract from the otherwise good platforming & shooting. Although his writing style and explanations are lacking, it's not like his point of view is indefensible. Imagine Returnal having forced pinball sections, stealth sections, etc. between the shooting. It wouldn't feel as cohesive. He doesn't have a great way of putting it, but I could see that being the case. Although it's unfair for me to judge when I haven't played Tools of Destruction.

-" I do not seek their demise. I want them to get better. They alone will be responsible for their own undoing."

And that is a totally fair demand of them. I hope you can see why you've earned a more welcoming conversation w/ me than arbitor's approach.

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arbitor36547d ago (Edited 47d ago )


Its not a matter of one review. Edge has been delivering god awful takes for literally decades. When they used to have a fanbase, it was the most pathetic circlejerk of neckbeards you could find. So yes, I absolutely hope their business goes under, because nothing of value will be lost. The so-called journalists that work for them will find work with some other 2-bit clickbait rag. They'll survive, but I will be sure to break out the world's smallest violin for them, once that day comes.

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