SBG: Battle of Giants: Dinosaurs review


"So adventure mode is just for leveling up your dinosaur and versus mode is for throwing your dinosaur in a jar. Both involve stylus-tracing. There is a lot of leeway given so that it's easy to beat the computer, but the tracing on some of the figures for the little children are difficult. Even on the easy ones, it's impossible to get a 100%, and even if you were, I'm still persuaded that the fire-station alarm that sets off at the end of every trace as time runs out would not shut up.

It's quite an achievement: it takes literally one minute of playing this game without reading anything about it to figure out what the entire game will play like. The attempts to keep it appealing and easy enough for kids in the midst of taking away their candy is noble, but Battle of Giants remains one-hundredth the game of any edition of Pokemon it imitates."

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