How to upgrade to Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

Today is the day PS5 owners have been waiting for – the ability to upgrade your Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 copy to the much-awaited Final Fantasy VII Intergrade for PS5 that offers enhanced visuals and better performance.

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Babadook711d ago

Me too. Which is why I did. Looks gorgeous.

Vizigoth0411d ago

Just waiting to get downstairs and play. Gotta get these kids to bed stat!

sealava11d ago

i thought The episode features Yuffie was free with the upgrade ...
silly me this is square enix we're talking about here .

SinisterKieran11d ago

I do hope you’re kidding, Jesus Christ people are entitled these days.

fsfsxii11d ago

you sound like you own shares in SE with that attitude like goddamn

philm8711d ago

I think it would be good if there was an option to pay to upgrade the ps plus version digitally. The only way is to pay the full whack of the intergrade version or to get it physically.

Dirtnapstor11d ago

There is. It’s a $20 charge to upgrade the PSPlus version.

philm8711d ago

Doesn't appear to be available in the UK

Dirtnapstor11d ago

Yeah, and now I’m not seeing it here (US) either. Weird. I wonder if the option has been temporarily removed???

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The story is too old to be commented.