Kingdom Come: Deliverance coming to Nintendo Switch

Prime Matter, a new publishing label under Koch Media, is pleased to announce that Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be coming to Nintendo Switch.

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TheRealTedCruz4d ago

One of the most interesting, immersive RPGs I've played; and I've played hell of a lot of them.

XbladeTeddy4d ago

Was good but when you think the game is going to start getting more intense you realise you're actually at the end of the game. I thought the big battle would be the start of a new chapter but no, the whole game ended.

TheRealTedCruz4d ago

I'll wait to see how they handle the port, but Witcher 3 is far less demanding that Kingdom Come.

thesoftware7304d ago


Unless this is low-key confirming the Switch Pro?
This game running on the OG Switch will not end well.

instantstupor4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

It's possible it might also be a cloud game like Control was. Though this announcement seems to indicate it'll be native, and if so...good luck porting team lol

EDIT: Well, native it is. Found this in another article "A collaboration between Warhorse Studios and Switch port specialists Saber Interactive". Apparently Saber is who brought TW3 to Switch, and that was a pretty aesthetically-rough version...though playable! Good luck to Saber on this one.

Magog4d ago

It's not going to play well. Even the PS4 struggled. A PS5 /Series port would have been better.

deadfrag4d ago

This Will Run badly!They should have ported to Séries X/S and PS5 where it should be able to achieve 60fps and with that more sales!

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