Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Runs at Locked 60 FPS With Ray-Tracing In Performance Mode

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart follows the same pattern as earlier Insomniac Games with a locked 60 FPS ray-tracing supported performance mode.

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SullysCigar14d ago

This game is stunning.

Insomniac really are among the very best devs. In terms of output and consistent quality, arguably THE best right now.

Jin_Sakai14d ago

I’d put Insomniac Games up there with Naughty Dog. They’re an amazing developer and incredibly efficient. They can release two games in the time it takes most AAA developers to get a single game out.

Neonridr13d ago

yeah I was going to say that ND definitely can rival these guys. But Insomniac is on a roll, especially with Spiderman, Miles Morales and now this.

ScootaKuH13d ago

I don't rate naughty dog at all. I'd put Insomniac way above them

whitbyfox13d ago

Nah it’s 89 Metacritic not quite amongst the best they haven’t had a 90+ rated game for a very very long time.

Fntastic13d ago

It's pretty sad if you have to rely on other peoples reviews to enjoy a game tbh.. each to their own, i don't like Pokemon but it's usually highly rated or popular.. meh

Levii_9213d ago

Metacritic slave. You know,Tsushima is like 83 on that site and it’s one of the best games i’ve ever played in my life.

Just sad.. that kind of thinking man.

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Wintersun61612d ago

If Insomniac had released the exact same game as Breath of the Wild, but as something else than Zelda, it wouldn't have been even close to 90. If Rift Apart was a 'tendo game, it would have +95 metacritic score. You all know I'm right.

Father__Merrin12d ago

id always dock points when things get political. if xbox also had some great games then titles like ratchet a fanboy reviewer would still rate it high as he already has something good to play on his system of choice. but because he currently hasnt a game like this will make him rage inside and simply not like it as much.

metacritic has been a joke for a while it can only be fare if every game has the same amount of reviews, eg 10 games all have a meta based on 100 review scores each but its never been like that

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Neonridr14d ago

my only concern with the RT Performance mode is the large swing in resolution going from 4K down to 1080p. Not sure which mode I will use when I play this in a few days. I guess I will try them all and see which one I like the best.

Jin_Sakai13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Digital Foundry said it’s not that noticeable because Insomniac Games temporal injection is one of the best in the industry.

Neonridr13d ago

that's good to hear then. I really want the RT since I have a nice OLED 4K and I want it to look it's best. Thank you for sharing, I hadn't heard that.

Jin_Sakai13d ago

“that's good to hear then. I really want the RT since I have a nice OLED 4K and I want it to look it's best. Thank you for sharing, I hadn't heard that.“

No problem. I have a C9 OLED myself and this game is going to look stunning. Can’t wait!

Neonridr13d ago

sounds like that will be the way.

Rimeskeem13d ago

I believe DF did a video on this and said that there are extremely rare cases where the game will go below 1800p but 99% of the time it's between 1800 and 4K.

Neonridr13d ago

that's good then, thank you for sharing.

SizzlingHot8513d ago

But not in RT Mode dude

Quality 4k/30
Performance dynamic 1800-2160p
Perfomance RT Mode 1080p (same as Miles Morales)

CaptainHenry91613d ago (Edited 13d ago )


But it still looks better than Halo Infinite. Halo Infinite is suppose to be a big AAA game and it still looks mediocre what a shame. Microsoft better bring it on Sunday. No more excuses. It's been two decades now. I'm hoping they deliver. My eyes will be on Halo Infinite

StoneyYoshi13d ago

@Sizzling. This video states in the description that RT Performance averages 1440p with 1080p reaching its lowest point in some conditions. It's not just full on 1080p the whole time and neither is Miles Morales. Double check your facts next time.

Rimeskeem12d ago

I was wrong, DF did a new video that exclaimed the game ran at 1440P mostly on the PRT mode while dipping to 1080p but being mostly at 1440p.

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Einhander197113d ago

I thought the same, but the frame rate isn't great in fidelity. Went to RT performance hardly any hit on visuals in my opinion and the 60fps is buttery smooth:)

Neonridr13d ago

seems like that is the way to go then.

Vizigoth0413d ago

Two me Ray Tracing mode seems to be brand news thing for these consoles. It’s like we could have finally had 4K60 but there’s been significant effort to implement Ray Tracing. I’m in different about as a whole because it was just last gen where I don’t think we had Ray Tracing at all, am I wrong? So it seems to me that this is a tech that hasn’t been 100% perfect and is still new. And that we actually might have to wait for PS6 / Xbox Series XXX until we see effortless Ray Tracing support. So for me I feel that I’d be obligated to stick to the middle setting Performance mode without Ray Tracing. At least until these games can support full 4K60 with Ray Tracing. I don’t know if AMD’a Fidelity FX would be able to get us there if implemented but we’ll see.

Neonridr13d ago

the thing about ray tracing is, while it definitely improves lighting, shadows, reflections and all that jazz, it takes a considerable hit to performance. And the game still looks really amazing with RT off, so is it something worth sacrificing for? I guess that's up to each person.

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GaboonViper13d ago

Insomniac are simply one of the best in the industry, Shawn Layden buying them was a masterstroke and his lasting legacy.

Aloymetal13d ago

Amazing. And to think this is only the beginning of this gen, imagine what Sony's 1st party devs will accomplish as the time passes by. Jaw dropping!!

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