Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS5 Has Instant Load Times, Runs at 1620p In 60 FPS Mode

Final Fantasy VII Remake PS5 version is available to play now as part of a free upgrade to existing owners. It features many improvements over the original.

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garos8256d ago

those instant loads are really the best thing about current gen. keep them coming!

roadkillers55d ago

Agree'd. I would've tossed RE8 out the window on last gen. Playing mercenaries to SS rank would've been as frustrating as Village II

Darkborn55d ago

That and the duelsense I'd agree.

LucasRuinedChildhood55d ago

For me, it's the expectation that every game will have a 60fps option that I'm really loving. A game not having 60fps as an option is the exception, not the norm.

lio_convoy54d ago

For me it's 60fps raytracing at a higher graphic fidelity with super quick load times. It's not just one thing. I'm digging the whole package!

BlaqMagiq155d ago

That and every game having 60fps from here on out. Ubisoft tried to get away with 30fps in Watch Dogs Legion until they added a 60fps option too after we were loud enough.

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FallenAngel198455d ago

Praise near instantaneous load times

AnnaDea55d ago

Played the intro yesterday until 7th Heaven.

PS4 Pro version already looked and played really good. But all these bells and whistles for the ps5 and 60 fps is amazing. A true next generation leap.

Kurisu55d ago

I didn't even have the opportunity to play the game on a PS4 Pro. I played on the base model, so I have yet to experience any game in 4K. Managed to secure a PS5 yesterday though and honestly I can't wait!

55d ago
Dabbii7555d ago (Edited 55d ago )

You will love playing in 4K HDR.

55d ago
Pedantic9155d ago

It's all fun & games until they announce that part 2 will be going back to 30 fps.

Teflon0255d ago

Most games have a 60fps option this gen. Pretty sure you can choose like the usual lol

LucasRuinedChildhood55d ago

I think they're will be a 60fps option for Part II. People are willing to accept the dip in resolution.

StoneyYoshi55d ago

Having a performance mode is going to be the new norm for this new generation IMO.

Hamzilla7755d ago

I totally agree and considering most likely any PS5 game with performance mode the graphics would still look better then a max graphics 30 frames game on PS4 Pro. I will always choose performance mode especially now on my new HDMI 2.1 monitor with VRR capabilities.

BlaqMagiq155d ago

They won't. With literally every developer doing it, they will look real bad if they do that.

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