Top Ten E3 Moments

Phil writes, "In less than a week and after a year's absence, E3 returns with E3 2021. This is traditionally the gaming megaevent where the biggest players in gaming converge to reveal the latest cornucopia of software and sometimes even hardware that will make waves in the following year and beyond. E3 2021 is quite different this year compared to previous events--being all digital for one, and also lacking one of its biggest players, PlayStation, which won't be attending this year in any capacity. Still, E3 is essentially "Gaming Christmas" for many, and with this installment of The Tuesday 10s, I wanted to mention some of SPC's most favorite, memorable moments that have happened in E3's illustrious past--both high highs and low lows."

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Bathyj49d ago

None better than Kevin Butler


neutralgamer199249d ago

The FF7/shenmue 3 announcement was legit awesome. Never seen so many people react so emotionally. That God of war reveal E3 was legit too

lellkay49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

This was missing some pretty big moments.

Halo 2 demo?
God of War reveal?
Pete Moore GTA 4 Tattoo?
Metal Gear Solid 2?
Keanu Reaves in Cyberpunk (despite how this turned out)
Killzone 2 demo?
Kojima on Sonys stage for Death Stranding?
Giant Enemy Crab?
Riidddddggeee Racer?


darthv7248d ago

Still one of the best E3 reveal trailers of all time:

Rebel_Scum49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

The 299 pop was pretty good.

I’d throw in the Skyrim reveal.

darthv7248d ago

That one reminded me of the more recent PS4/XBO price reveals and how similar it was to the PS1/Saturn. PS1 went on to sell over 100m+ while Saturn never even made it to 10m. Fast forward and PS4 is at 115m+ and XBO is at 50m+.

$100 difference between both PS1/Saturn & PS4/XBO, and both MS and Sega were on their 3rd console which is generally known throughout the industry as the third console curse. Atari, Nintendo, Sony... all faced similar popularity issues with their 3rd consoles in relation to their two prior.

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