Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart Review - IGN

Insomniac’s first PS5 exclusive is a fantastic showpiece for the console’s power, and a delightful adventure in its own right.

Flawlessmic1107d ago

No suprises here, 2 more days to go !!!!

Sonic-and-Crash1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

R&C and Sackboy probably are my GoTYs (ok Sackboy is 20 but counts as 21 to me)...adding to these Returnal Sony came prepared with "big guns" at launch, really good games , we never had such good games on launch of a console before

Robodrake1107d ago

Damn, i have to buy Sackboy now.

Michiel19891106d ago

come on....Fantavision was the best launch title ever ;)

BenRC011107d ago

Its ign. It was guarenteed an 8 or 9.

SullysCigar1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

This means nothing, given it's current average here on N4G of 9.1/10 for 22 reviews.

Another awesome PS5 exclusive. Well done Insomniac Games!

neutralgamer19921107d ago


87 reviews sitting at 89/100. It's not just IGN(which I agree they tend to give higher scores) but this is another example of what insomniac games can do. They are a great studio

LucasRuinedChildhood1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

89 on Metacritic: https://www.metacritic.com/...

Good stuff Insomniac. This game has better reviews than A Crack In Time.

NeoGamer2321107d ago

I am mildly surprised. Was expecting more 10/10's. But the scores are great nonetheless! 89 is a great game in my books and a must-buy.

Maybe the reviewers are saving room for future next gen games that are also coming? I viewed this as one of the first truly next gen games.

--Onilink--1107d ago

Well, just because its one of the first truly next gen games doesnt mean that there cant be “issues” in the gameplay itself.

Technically speaking, The Medium is also very much a truly next gen game in terms of what it does with an SSD and you will probably find very few people that say the game is a 9 or a 10 haha.

Some of the things I’ve seen mostly pointed to having zero gameplay differences between Rivet and Ratchet and also playing it a bit on the safe side with the Rifts, given that they showed so much opportunity. An example I saw was that not that many planets have the mechanic shown in the previews of hitting a crystal and basically changing the entire environment, which is also understandable, there is only so much that can be done with any given development time.

So I guess overall, even the “lower” scores find it to be a pretty amazing game with a few missed opportunities to make it even better

GamingSinceForever1107d ago

I do understand why it wasn’t rated much higher. From what I’ve read them not making the female different gameplay wise from Ratchet sounds like a wasted opportunity. Not sure why they decided to keep them the same in the end.

chiefJohn1171107d ago

Stop 10s are rarely afforded, and this not the type of game people throw 10s at unless its on nintendo.

XbladeTeddy1107d ago

You'll only see more 10's if it has GTA or Mario in the title. True story.

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wolf5811107d ago

After spiderman remaster (i was saving It for ps5), demon souls, spiderman miles morales, returnal
As expected an other True next gen hit for Sony.. 1 more trophy for platinum returnal and rachet here i Come....
Insomniac r a gem among Sony studios

Extermin8or3_1107d ago

A crack in time was a great game and some critics were abit harsh on it imo.

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Elda1107d ago

Insomniac better WerQ!!! I'm so glad Sony brought & bought them into the Sony family.

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Neonridr1107d ago

can't wait to try this out.