PS Indies Montage - Discover Great Indies | PS5, PS4

Sony shares a montage of incredible indies that are already released as well as upcoming ones for PS4 and PS5.

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purple101226d ago

I don't normally go for independent titles as such but these all look absolutely fantastic!

No fluff here. Check them out!

RaiderNation220d ago

I must say, I like the way Sony is curating their indie offerings now. All of these newer indie titles being released that Sony is featuring have a certain level of quality and production value that I personally like to see. For a while there, the indie scene was such a glut of cheap looking 8-bit pixel art and side scrollers. Nothing wrong with those inherently but for every decent one there seemed to be 10 cheap copycats. I don't want the PS Store to become like the Google Play Store. I want there to be a quality standard there.

Relientk77226d ago

Kena: Bridge of Spirits, lets go! Man, I can't wait to play that in August

Redemption-64226d ago

But we were told Sony isn't making or investing indies anymore. This must be fake right?

Vits225d ago

Who said that? Sony is always willing to pay for some exclusive deal with third party titles and indies are not different. And they are not the only ones. If you remove "Nour: Play with Your Food". This trailer might as well be "EGS Indies Montage" as every other game is also a EGS exclusive.

jznrpg226d ago

Preordered Kena a while back, digital even and I rarely do that . I’ll buy it physical too when it comes available

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