Stop Making Obstacles I Could Clearly Walk Over!

All the photorealistic graphics in the world can instantly be ruined when the player can’t do something they feel fits within the game world. As gamers we understand a few of these problems, they happen. But when it keeps happening time and time again, it slowly chips away at the illusion. The illusion that were are exploring islands, slaying demons or solving mysteries, and isn’t that illusion the reason we play games anyway?

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I feel like this complaint is more appropriate for sims

Michiel198953d ago

invisible walls can be annoying, but i rather have the devs be able to make the area look cool/interesting with invisble walls than having a boring empty wall to stare at with the same invisible walls still in play. The main issue is that there should be a way to recognize what is accesible and what is not.

Snookies1252d ago

I disagree on that one. It doesn't have to be a 'boring wall'. This is where creativity comes into play to avoid having invisible walls. You can have a cliff that you fall off and die, you can have debris that's piled up high, you could program a scene that kills you for going the wrong way, etc. There are plenty of ways to go about keeping something from being boring without having the need for invisible walls. It's utterly stupid having something you would easily be able to climb over block your path.

Michiel198952d ago

with rubble etc thats allready in your path i agree, but i meant more in term of an area design, not one different hurdle. I also agree that it would be better if there were less restrictions, but if its not very confusing i dont mind it that much

jukins52d ago

I absolutely hate this. Youll have a character that can do all kinds of crazy acrobatics but get stopped by a falled over tree or box with an invisibile vertical wall that you cant pass but theres clearly a corridor or area that can be explored

Muzikguy52d ago

I'm really starting to feel this more and more. At first I thought maybe it was just because I'm getting older but I don't think so. Take the FFVII remake for example. So many times I'm frustrated that I can't jump. I get it, it's an RPG and most times you can't jump, but paths are blocked all the time by things you can clearly walk over. It takes the "fun" out of it sometimes. I definitely feel like there was more "magic" in the order final than.the remake. Still a decent game but not as great as the original

RPGer52d ago

You are talking about Japanese sci fi they do this all the time, your character can kill something 100× bigger than you, but you can't walk on the bath that is block by a single dam desk.

But this is nothing compared to GOW, I mean Kratos killed and break the invincibles, but yeah he can't over 3 meter to the dock :)

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