Final Fantasy VII Remake Low-Res Textures Finally Fixed In PS5 Version

Final Fantasy VII Remake might offer some of the industry-best visuals but it was fairly inconsistent with low-res textures. This is fixed on the PS5.

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KingofBandits55d ago

Is it really a fix? Have we ever established that there was a door texture there that didn't load or was that how they wanted it to look and people just didn't like it.

gamingtext202055d ago

It was there, but it was so insignificant, you would instantly forget it, once you start getting deeper into the game. But thanks to ridiculous folks over at digital foundry, they made into a big a deal… least to the folks on the internet.

TheRealTedCruz55d ago

How dare the site known for their covering of the visuals, and performance, of games speak on just that.

Vanfernal54d ago

I haven't watched the DF video. My first question when they announced Intergrade was "Will they fix the door?". It was noticeable.

54d ago
bouzebbal54d ago

I have the ps4 disc version.. How can I get the add on on ps5? Can anyone help? Thx

Teflon0254d ago

Bouzebbal. Just wait for the game to release. You're see a giant square on the activity menu for the game on the right above your trophy count saying it's a free upgrade.

--Onilink--54d ago

It was not insignificant, there were texture problems in many things, not just that door. Which would only stand out more as you progressed through the game and reached areas that looked WAAAY better. The slums as a whole look nowhere near as good as the Shinra building for example (and I dont mean aesthetically)

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Nitrowolf255d ago

From what iirc people also datamined, every texture had a higher res model in the final already, just for whatever reason, specially the doors they refused to load or were designed not to

CrimsonWing6954d ago

I believe it was an issue with Unreal Engine loading in the texture.

StoneyYoshi54d ago

From what I remember, the door for the room nextdoor didn't have this issue but the door that you actually use to enter your apartment was the only one with this problem.

Popsicle54d ago

All the apartment doors had the same issue. Just played the PS4 version on my PS5 a couple of nights ago to check if texture loading was fixed by simply playing it on beefier hardware, but is was not.

While the visual inconsistencies and texture loading were very strange, I enjoyed the heck out of this game. Really glad to hear that they managed to fix whatever was causing the texture load issue on the PS5 version.

Teflon0254d ago

They're fixed. People who got early from Amazon shipping a week early have been posting on Reddit. I actually kinda prefer the doors don't load after how I saw it look. It isn't bad, but because I always assumed it was a rusted metal door and it's atleast wood looking now. I feel like I was lied to 😂😂

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RPGer54d ago

I remember one data searcher looked up in VIIR files and discover that the door is build on a whole or something like totally tied up with the whole game, which means the area suppose to load as it is and if there is an deatil is missing it can't be fixed by a patch but by rearrange the whole game to download it all over again to fix the door, some metal boards and floors + the background of floating plate and the background of seeing the slams from above.

MeteorPanda54d ago

wait so it must of been a mistake with placeholder, lol. So instead of inserting an object and linking the door to that object. some nut put in the door, making the whole thing having to stay low res to not effect the loading of everything else. Thats uni project mistakes lol

curtain_swoosh54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

some say the low res thing was or is a bug in the unreal engine.
i dont know too much on that topic to give a "omfg finally".
the game looked incredible to me. i can forgive some low res stuff if thats the only significant bug in a game like this.

RPGer54d ago

The game has almost zero issues other than that which really make it up. I hope the game get more appreciated by newcomers, because other than the fuss about the stortelling and new events, the game does really amazing job in gameplay, themes, settings, graphics, variety in almost everythingand fun factor.

Popsicle54d ago

Yeah this game had a really clean release. Other than some inconsistent texture issues in a few areas, I don't really remember their being any significant bugs. I platinumed the game so you think I would find them if they were there. I was amazed at level of visual fidelity and performance Square was able to achieve on the PS4. They really did a fantastic job on this game overall.

tombfan54d ago

It'll now be just more amazing, I wasn't bother either, but it sure is an improvement to get more in tone. There was one texture in particular I was like oh man... That'd look rad with a higher res texture... It was the one of the city when you're above it and you can look down.

GoodGuy0954d ago

The ps1 door lol. The game was simply still in beta phase on the ps4.

jznrpg54d ago

The game is great on PS4 . Sure it will look better on PS5 but one issue here and there doesn’t make it an unpolished game like something you see in beta . Its beautiful in most of the game .

Popsicle54d ago

Definitely wasn't beta and to give a little more credit it was a PS2 door.

MeteorPanda54d ago

l love the audacity of some people. The game is fucking gorgeous yet some *** like you sees one badly rendered (not even you, you HEARD theres a texture error) and claim the whole shit as a beta.

AnnaDea54d ago

Quite obvious why.

Intergrade is the updated version of the PS5 game.

Square has updated the game with newer 4k textures, new light and shadows etc.

Second is that the PS5's pipeline is extremely much faster than the PS 4 Pro which benefits Unreal Engine 4's transfer rate. Textures loads so much faster than before and that opens up more possibility to free up space and load time for example pop-ins. This means more foliage and density in open world games making them feel more alive.

Starting with eradicating blurry doors ;D

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