Rock Out! - DLC tips for beginners

Screen Play: "If you aren't familiar with Harmonix's model for DLC pricing, a quick summarization of what they generally provide:

- Full Albums - Usually 8+ tracks (R.H.C.P was 18!). Prices vary.
- 3 Song Pack - Ordered by artist, genre or promotion. (Actually, it has become somewhat of a mess).
- Single Tracks - Self explanatory.

This model will also provide the basis for which I will present my views, in 3 pieces. First up, the following covers the track packs I have enjoyed in their entirety (all 3+ songs). I will then move into individual tracks, which I will arrange out by genre so you can focus solely on those that interest you, before finishing with a piece about the full album content.

The selections I have made are based on two simple concepts, the "Drinks Friendly" tracks (which your mates probably won't fail you) and the "You Must Be Sober" tracks (where drinking probably isn't the best idea)."

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