The great Shibuya lifestyle RPG returns in Neo: The World Ends With You - Eurogamer

From Eurogamer: "The World Ends with You came out in 2007 - I just checked - but it still feels a bit like the future. Or maybe it feels like a future. This was an action RPG from Square-Enix perfectly designed around the Nintendo DS, and using a lot of that wonderfully odd console's wonderfully odd features. You tapped the screen to move around and work your way through menus, sure, but when it came time for a battle you controlled different characters on different screens, hectically working away with different input methods as the action hockey-pucked back and forth between your allies. Even when you weren't battling, the game was unusual: an RPG set in modern-day Shibuya, and featuring a cast of stylish teenagers drawn into a deadly set of challenges. Each day a new hurdle: follow clues, solve puzzles and fight monsters if you want to stay alive. Quest givers wore hoodies. Your attack types revolved around pin-badges that you collected. Vital info was texted to you on your flip phone. You could read the minds of passing strangers, delving into a timely world of crushes and workday worries."

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CrimsonWing69228d ago

I’ve never played the previous game, but reading the excerpt here I feel like I need to.