Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti review - Digital Foundry

From Digital Foundry: "The RTX 3080 Ti is here, and I know what you're thinking - why even release an RTX 3080 Ti if the 3080 remains so hard to find? The official answer from Nvidia is binning: chips come off the production line with different levels of quality, and get sorted into different 'bins' based on the performance that each particular bit of silicon is capable of achieving. For the GA102 GPU that lies at the heart of the 3080, 3080 Ti and 3090, the lower tier parts turn into 3080s, better parts into the 3080 Ti and the best of all into the 3090 - and they've been holding onto these middle-tier parts to deploy the long-planned 3080 Ti for some time now."

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As Gamers Nexus said, it's a waste of $$

SDuck51d ago

As a semi ignorant in what comes to tech stuff, isn't "Ti" cards for laptops?

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