Geforce RTX 3080 Cards Are So Hard To Source, Larian Studios Couldn't Test Baldur's Gate 3

From GameWatcher: "It's no secret that Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics cards sold insanely fast as soon as they became available. Many people didn't get a chance to grab one from the initial stock, among them Baldur's Gate 3 developer Larian Studios.

The developer revealed that it still doesn't have an Nvidia RTX 3080, although that didn't stop it from fixing "graphical quirks" that people lucky enough to own a card were experiencing while playing Baldur's Gate 3."

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RaidenBlack415d ago

Nvidia, just get back one RTX3080 from an 'influencer' and lend it to Larian.

Atom666415d ago

Tip my hat to Larian here. Even with much deeper pockets than us, they too won't give scalpers the satisfaction.

But seriously Nvidia, before going to consumers and youtubers, you don't have an allotment for devs of Larian's level?

anubusgold415d ago (Edited 415d ago )

The scalpers said NVIDIA only had 2,500 3080 cards on their website on launch day since their stupid bots scalped them all before they even appeared for sale for the rest of us. I have a backorder on a 3080 im tired of refreshing websites only to have the card disappear in less than a second.

elazz415d ago

It was kinda a paper launch and even nowadays big retailer or webshops get them by the dozens at a time instead of 100s

Promachos415d ago

Sorry but i think Larian must be trolling us. I mean their PR team could easily ask one from Nvidia. And i'm sure Nvidia must be having a healthy number of 3080s and 3090s for such occasions.

No_Pantaloons415d ago

First, the card matters less than the drivers, so it makes little sense to even test with a 3000 series since the drivers are so new.
Second, "test with prior to launch," is incorrect, it hasn't launched, its still in early access and wont release this year.

1nsomniac415d ago (Edited 415d ago )

Ask MSI they could get you one of their cards that they’ve been scalping and are now selling for double the price.

Caught red handed, absolutely no doubt they’re not the only ones in the business doing it.

GameBoyColor415d ago

That was crazy, they tried to say they didn't know what their child company Starlit was doing lmao.

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