Gaming Excellence: Valhalla Knights 2 Review

GamingExcellence writes: "It's a rare occasion that, as a game critic, you find yourself not really sure of just what to make of a game you're playing. What's the point where a game is being unreasonably difficult? Where do you draw the line between difficult mission objectives or developers are forcing you to stick to one particular solution? These are the sorts of things that come up surprisingly rarely as a game reviewer and it makes those few situations where it is an actual issue somewhat frustrating.

Valhalla Knights 2 brings this issue up rather immediately. It's not that it makes or breaks this game, no there's no doubting that this is just a bad game. But it might not be considered as bad if not for the unreasonable difficulty level. Since this is yet another RPG with real-time combat that lacks a block button and has overpowered enemies you're going to find yourself in slugfests right from the get go that you will be on the losing end of."

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