GameTrailers: Killzone 2 AI Interview HD Video

GameTrailers writes: "AI Designer Rob Heald gives us the low-down on the progression of the Killzone 2 AI system."

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Blademask3605d ago

Lets see if anyone tries to match the AI in Kz2..

SonyOwnsNextYear3605d ago

rrod gets killzOWNED in 3 months.

say my name.

beavis4play3604d ago

i've never found your comments to be out of place. who's takin' your bubbles?

thereapersson3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

I'm glad the AI isn't really scripted. Too many times I've played games where the enemies do the same thing so many times I really know what to expect the next time I go back to play a title again.

I also like the dynamic enemy types, and how they react differently to each situation. This game is shaping up really well, IMO. And just think guys, February is only 3 months away!

edit: I am *still* blown away by the amazing lighting in this game. It really feels that much more realistic, enabling the player to be enveloped in the battle through atmospherics.

LarVanian3605d ago

This video has basically confirmed that Killzone 2 has the best lighting ever in a video-game.

I am really addicted to Resistance 2 at the moment. Since beta players have said that KZ2 is miles better than R2, I honestly don't know how I am going to put the controller down for this game.

jmcorp3604d ago

SO many devs have beaten KZ2 A.I it's unreal...the video even made the A.I look sh!te

xbotpleasefixme3604d ago

jmcorp go get laid or something you freak. Click on the dudes name and see his posts. He spends all his life going to every ps3 game talking crap...