Top 10 Pokémon Games Ranked by Sales

Pokémon Red and Blue is the best selling Pokémon game of all time, followed by numerous other main series Pokémon titles

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DarthMarvin64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

It's pretty amazing how many people were swindled by Nintendo with Sword & Shield. I regrettably admit, I was one of them. What a terrible f***ing game.

Neonridr64d ago

I mean I played through the game, enjoyed it for what it was. Was it the best game out there? No. Was it terrible? Absolutely not. I'm excited to see what we get from Arceus though. That could finally be a totally new experience that we need.

DarthMarvin63d ago

Name one unique redeeming feature of S&S?

Neonridr63d ago

@DarthMarvin - why does it need to be unique? It's another pokemon game, just like the rest. They tried out something new with Dynamaxing, which I didn't care for, but thankfully that is only a minor part of the game. Just because it didn't do anything new doesn't automatically mean it's garbage. It was their first Switch game, I'm expecting more for the next one.

DarthMarvin61d ago (Edited 60d ago )

@Neon Okay fine, name one redeeming feature of S&S? Go on, think long and hard. I can wait.

Also, it wasn't the first Switch Pokemon, it was the second.

Neonridr60d ago

@DarthMarvin - Let's go was not a mainline Pokemon game. It was a remake of Yellow.

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