Dragon Quest XII: Are Changes Needed?

KeenGamer: "See whether the major changes announced for the upcoming Dragon Quest XII are necessary. The series, renowned for resisting major changes to genre conventions, seems to be finally catching up to the way the winds have been blowing. Turn-based battles, the lighter tone and linear storytelling might all be getting the boot. However, many think these changes are unnecessary considering the triumph that was Dragon Quest XI."

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Thundercat7758d ago

I respect those who like the old tired DQ formula but I'm tire of it. It is time the franchise embrace innovation and adjust to these times. I will no longer buy a DQ game who feels like a coloring book for kids.

phoenixwing57d ago

I thought at first you were going to complain about the combat but the artstyle is timeless

pecorre57d ago

It was very painful to play XI after Persona 5. They really need to rework the combat, improve the music and get a better writter for the story.

zacfoldor57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

XI was a good game, but honestly I could play something fresh at this point. Seems like DQ finally caught on in the west right before it will be changed. I can't comment on the wisdom of that, but personally, I'd love to see some gameplay improvements at the very least.

That said, turn-based is fine. Some games have done some really innovative stuff with turn based lately, and some of my favorite modern games are turn based like Three Houses, Persona 5 Royal, and Divinity: Original Sin 2.

I haven't played Like a Dragon yet, but I want to...

VileAndVicious57d ago

While I'm not against them switching from classic turn based combat to action, I believe the main thing the series needed was a better story and music. The games were beginning to feel overly simplistic and samey. Very interested to see how XII turns out.

ZeekQuattro56d ago

Nope. I've been playing the games since it used to be called Dragon Warrior in the US. I like that the series is sticking to its roots. Most AAA RPGs are action oriented now. That's fine for those that prefer that type of RPG but its nice to have a least one that isnt afraid to be turn based. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

Zeldafan6456d ago

It'd be nice if they'd release the original versions of Dragon Warrior I - IV on the Switch.

Seraphim56d ago

right. I struggled to find some quality turn based RPGs to play w/in the past year. They are a dying breed and it's sad. I'm sure there's several I've overlooked somehow but just look at how few good to great turn based RPGs even released this past gen. Top of my head obviously DQXI, Persona 5 and Trails of Cold Steel series... Dragon Quest was one of very few. I'm not opposed to games, such as the next Trails series, offering both turn based and action long as they both play great. This gives players a choice. However we need more turn based games, not less.

While there's a good chance I buy Dragon Quest regardless I will be sad and disappointed w/o turn based combat. If you want an Action RPG there are a plethora of them out there. I really don't care what kind of art style they decide to use. I think some series could benefit from changing it up and mixing things up. I love Tales of but the latest game is refreshing after so many Tales of games looking exactly the same.

end of the day I can't agree more. If it isn't broke don't fix it. though perhaps I'd be more inclined to be more open about DQ changing if we were still in the golden era of RPGs and turn based RPGs.

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